Valentine’s Day Love to Our Two-Wheeled Friends 

February 9, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from BikeParts.comOur two wheeled friends have a way of bringing people together. Whether it is for a competitive group ride, a casual bike ride with friends, or a stroll with our significant other.  

Riding bikes has a way of unleashing powerful emotions.  You know, like the sense of power you get when the wind is at your back.  Or, the seance of wonder and appreciation you feel upon glancing at our natural environment.  Emotions are an expression of the joy we get from riding our bike.  

Since bike riding gifts our spirits and bodies with so much, why not share the love this Valentine’s Day with your bike?  

Upgrade dated or worn bike parts
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your bike some love! At we have ongoing closeouts that save on bike parts, cycling apparel, and cycling accessories. With that in mind, replace bike parts regularly.  

Don’t wait until you hear odd little noises or you notice that your bike is taking too long for the brakes to engage before investigating.  Some parts of a bike have a set “wear life”. As you put in the miles, they gradually wear out and need to be replaced. Typically, this includes chainscassetteschainringsbrake pads, and cleats.  Stay one step ahead of the game by purchasing these types of bike parts on sale and have them on hand when you need them. 

Bike Maintenance 
Bike maintenance can be a chore, but a necessity. Regular maintenance is essential to any good relationship, right? Including the relationship with your bike! There are several ways to show your bike some love.  For starters, wipe down and inspect the frame.  Rain, snow, mud, and road elements pose different cleaning challenges to your frame and bicycle parts.  Consider using a stiff, soft-bristled brush to knock off any chunks of dried-on mud that may be on your frame or wheels. Then, follow that up by taking a rag to your bike, wiping it down generally all over to get off any remaining dust or dirt. 

Don’t forget to lube your chain and cables.  As unglamorous as chain lube is, it is a necessity.  It will keep your bike parts in working order and squeak free! There are many lubes to choose – wet vs dry lube.  As conditions vary, you may want to have a couple of different choices on hand.  Finally, inspect your brake pads. You’ll want to make sure the brake pads are not worn. And, remember to inspect where the brake pads hit the rim; they should contact the rim evenly on both sides and not rub the tire in any way that may cause a flat.

Experience something new
Demo a fat bike!  That’s right! Fat bikes are all the rage – they thrive in snow, sand, desert, bogs and mud as well as riding what is considered normal mountain biking.  In fact, fat bikes are the fastest growing segment in the bike industry.  Book a fat bike demo. Better yet, purchase a new bike. 

There are other ways to show some love for our sport this Valentine’s Day.  Consider donating unused or older bike parts to someone or an organization in need.  Pledge to support bike programs like People for Bikes or Bike Denver.  Maybe show your own heart some love and invest in a new heart rate monitor and take your fitness to a new level.  

Regardless of how you express your love for bikes and cycling, all of us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, encourage you to embrace your true love of the sport this Valentine’s Day.


A Cyclist Guide to Finding True Love for Valentine’s Day 

February 12, 2015

1014475_982878108456239_2622874834446561174_nRacing heart. Sweaty palms. Fixated focus.  All classic signs of love at first sight.  Notably, signs to display to your significant other on Valentine’s day.

Yet, as many cyclist well know, those very symptoms are those we experience when racing and training – especially the fixated focus on the rider in front of us.  Some cyclist love to race. They live for it. Others love to train and don’t favor racing.  Whether you love it or hate it, true love is found on the bike and the cycling experience.

But what is true love on the bike exactly?  Like any good relationship, It’s all about reward and avoiding pain.

Reward: All good relationships are built on a solid foundation such as commitment and consistency to your cycling training program.  And, like any good relationship, it’s important to keep it fresh, try new things, and continue building forward.  Most cyclist are in it for the long haul but sometimes deviate from the plan and want a quick fix.  If you fall in that camp, you may opt for a bike fit.  It’s the quickest way to get faster on the bike.

But, if you find yourself committing long term, you may consider going a different route.  Focusing on year round strength training, discovering apps to support your fitness lifestyle, or even jumping in and trying a great fatbike event in 2015 can help you take your true love for cycling to another level.

Pain: Suffering on the bike is one thing.  Pain is another.  Suffering can garner greater fitness gains but pain can keep you from your true love completely.  One way to avoid pain is to be mindful of your bike parts, cycling accessories, and bio feedback.  You might be wondering, Can the Right Bike Parts Make a Difference in Injury Prevention?  Yes, absolutely.

To avoid painful cycling experiences, discover tips to prevent knee pain. You might be surprised that a little extra attentiveness and mindfulness to your bike and bike parts can go a long way in avoiding pain and pitfalls with your true love.

From all of us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to embrace your true love of cycling.

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate? Flowers? Or Bike Parts!

February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day Bike Love: Giant TCR Advanced 1 and Giant TCR SL 2

Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate what you love.  Sure, the traditional Valentine’s Day expression includes flowers, chocolate, and a card, but why not ride something HOT this Valentine’s Day! Bikes that is. And hot bikes we’ve got!   Sharing the Valentine’s Day love we offer the Giant TCR Advanced 1 and SL2.

Here’s what they have in common:

  • Both are manufactured by Giant.
  • Both have a race aggressive geometry.
  • Both have a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year for bike parts.

Here’s where they differ:

Giant TCR Advanced 1  Because the frame is made of carbon fiber, it is light weight, stiff, and capable of epic climbs and descents.  Notably, it is very responsive and absorbs vibration.  What type of rider is this hot bike best suited for?  It is ideal for established racers and competitive cyclists. Or, someone who rides a lot, as in 4-5 times a week.  A special feature about the Giant TCR Advanced 1 is that it

includes an integrated sensor compatible with any ANT Heart rate monitor, power meter, or cadence sensor.

Giant TCR SL 2  This bike is an aluminum frame.  With this bike you get the benefits of the stiffness of the frame but at a lower price point.  It is great for the budget minded cyclist looking to get into a high end feel. Or, if you are an entry level cyclist, weekend warrior, or entry level racer, this may be the bike for you.  The Giant TCR SL 2 is an option if you are considering  criterium racing yet have a fear of crashing.  The aluminum frame may be the way to go.

So, what is the main difference between the two?  Of course, they are offered at two different prices.  Aside from the material difference of carbon and aluminum, the biggest difference is in the crank. With the Giant TCR Advanced 1 you get upgraded drive train components which are stronger, more responsive, and they stay in adjustment longer.

Now that you’ve got a hot bike to ride, you need bike parts  to woo the Valentine’s day love.   For starters, you’ll need to track that beating heart – with a monitor of course.  For the Giant TCR Advanced 1, because it has a sensor, you might consider the Garmin without cadence  but you will need this if heart rate is needed.  For the Giant TCR SL 2 you may opt for the Garmin with cadence & heart rate.

Next, you’ll need a way to pedal your love around.  Opt for the Look Keo Plus Pedals Black/White  for the Giant TCR Advanced 1 or the Look Keo Easy Pedal 2012    for the Giant TCR SL 2.

Finally, if chocolate is a must for Valentine’s day, you can carry it around in a saddle bag made just for him  or one especially for her.

It’s your Valentine’s Day. Are you going to make it hot? or Not!

Giant TCR Advanced 1 and Giant TCR SL 2

Giant TCR Advanced 1 and Giant TCR SL 2