Name: Andrew Wait

Age: 23

Class: Semi-pro

Profession: water supply engineer

Favorite Ride: My Tour de Durango loop: ride up HG Road, hit the meadow and cruise Telegraph-Anasazi-Mike’s-Cuchillo-Super X Raiders, then ride out to 32nd and head W for a loop up and around Animas Mountain. Spin out the legs on the singletracks out by Sailing Hawks. Cruise ‘em, abuse ‘em, and then hit up Clovis St. -> Arroyo St. and ride up into the Test Tracks for a loop around Star Wars, and another loop around the big bowl below Perins Peak after riding up the to the backside of the Hogsback will get your adrenaline flowing, which is good cause then you gotta get your legs churning for a steep techy climb to the top of the power line Rooster sess. Finally, cool it off on the Spirit Trail.

Favorite Drink: H2O baby!

Worst Race: My first super D race. We did solo runs rather than the radical le Man’s style, and I couldn’t keep it upright, just couldn’t handle the nerves of time-trialing downhill. I think it was cause I rode the lift up, gotta loosen up with a spin up the mountain next time!

Best Race: Never been able to dominate and set my own pace off the front. That’ll be the day.

I race bikes: For the love of that MTB flow! You can’t deny that you feel so fly when you’re riding your bike!!!


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