About Bikeparts.com


www.BikeParts.com is a website that sells bicycle parts and accessories. Peak Cycles is our retail store, located in Golden, Colorado.

We have a race team of 32 professional and amateur racers who compete in events in Colorado and around the country.


BikeParts.com and Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

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Shop Hours:

Mon-Fri 10-6PM MST, Sat 10-5 MST, Closed Sunday.

Shop is open for private shopping and bike fits, available by request.

1224 Washington Ave. Suite 145
Golden, Colorado 80401


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4 Responses to About Bikeparts.com

  1. S Ford says:

    I notice only men on your team. Where are the women?
    Are you kidding? girls don’t want to hang out with a bunch of geeky racer guys. No seriously, we would love to have some fast pro women on the team, just hasn’t happened yet.

  2. Fred from cruces says:

    Dear sirs,
    I was wondering how your team bikes are set-up. i.e. components, etc, please? I looked all over the website and if it is there it’s hiding from me. I was in your shop about 3 weeks ago and rode the red small Durance, I didn’t buy it (dispete a great price) cause i wanted a closer dealer and an ano frame. EVERYONE in the shop was very helpful!!
    Did get my ano Durance in Albuquerque, duc and M50 build. Am looking ofr info to lightne her up some, please?
    Thanks for your time hope to hear from you soon,
    Fred from cruces,
    Ironman ’87

  3. thriatlete says:

    Hello. Do you only do bike fits for bikes that were purchased in the store, or can I come in with a bike for a fit and pay just for the fit?

    • staffwriter8 says:

      Hi there! Great question. We do both! Give us a call and we can schedule your fit – 303.216.1616
      See you soon!

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