name:   Jason Kompf
age:  34
class:  expert 30-34
profession:  professional carpenter
fav ride:  my house, flumes, dredge, colo trail, west ridge, american gulch, Lincoln meadows, my house and my private single track at the breckenridge ski area
fav drink:  water!
most stitches:  no
worst race: never
best race:  del norte (extinct)    fall classic
why I race:  why not
website: www.antiquedesigncarpentry.com

6 Responses to Kompf

  1. Francie says:

    Looking to contact Jason Kompf.
    Don’t know what this site is, but it came up in a search. Hopefully Jason or one of his peeps will see this and give him the head’s up. 🙂
    Hi Honey!!! Christian & Mitch & I have been in touch on Facebook & we’ve all wondered how you are. I can’t remember ur email addy. I know it’s sooo not your thing, but get ur ass on Facebook, dammit! Would be great to hear from u.
    ~ Francie ~

  2. […] Jason Kompf […]

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