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Name: Jesse Swift

Age: 38

ClassPro Endurance MTB and Snow

Profession: Science/Math/Computer Teacher

Favorite Ride: Anywhere new

Favorite Drink: Vitamin Water

Most stitches at once & where: Cycling = blown apart collar bone that required a plate to fix hold it together from over jumping a double in Fort Collins.  Non Cycling = my tongue when I was 4 from falling down with my tongue out.  Almost bit the whole thing off!

Worst Race: 1998 Collegiate MTB Championships – Reno, Nevada – It was my last collegiate race and I was sitting in 11th place feeling good, and broke my chain!  Without a chain tool, I had to DNF my last race in college. 😦   10 years later, I won’t do a ride without a chain tool…

Best Race: 1994 Chapman Hill Climb in Durango – I knew I was hooked!

I race bikes because: I love being outdoors and being in the moment!

4 Responses to Swift

  1. Darren Miller says:


    How you been? I was just browsing around to see who of my old mtb friends were still riding. Imagine my surprise when I see that you, Laiho and Unger are all on the same team. Awesome to see you guys are all still riding and kicking ass. By the way, good choice on going down, seems we all went that way at some point. Me, you, Mike West, Ariel Lindsley, Botsy was the only one not to make the switch.

    I have traded in the bike for a board, moved back to San Diego, been surfing a ton. I am teaching high school math. If you see Brian or Matt tell them an old friend says hi.

    Take care, keep riding.


  2. Jesse~
    Hey good to see you again on the trails bro…had a question for you..so I have been riding for about 20 years now and have delayed racing for some reason..but seeing you and your other team riders kind of struck this urge in me to race…I have never raced but I am a killer technicle rider and I ride like crazy!!..not sure if I would be fast enough to ride for your team..but was wondering if I could try out and see if I had anything to offer….hit me up when you get this 720-422-1234

  3. Jesse- i remember your “best race” – if i remember correctly, Unger was second, and you guys went up that hill at an insane speed. i remember thinking, who are these guys? and how did they get so fast?

  4. swiftjesse says:

    Thanks for the message! Hope you are doing well too! Where are you at? How is school going?
    I am still teaching computers at Bell. My wife is now teacher there too! Its great!
    Keep in touch my teacher Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/misterjesseswift
    Take care Justin,
    – Swift

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