Team - Micah Joseph

Team - Micah Joseph

Name: Micah Joseph
Age: 29
Class: Pro
Profession: Cyclist, Own a real estate business:
Favorite Ride: Front range. My house-Bear Creek Park-Mt. Falcon-Lair of the Bear-My house.
Favorite Drink: Coffee, lots of it.
Most stitches at once & where: Who knows. My favorite stitches? Two-years-old, hanging from the springs of one of those springy jumping horses. The spring went straight through my hand so . . . I just hung quietly until my mom found me.
Worst Race: World Cup in Napa Cali. I tear up just thinkig about it. I flew out to Cali at the ripe age of 18 and got a hotel about 10 miles from the race venue. I was sooo broke. I actually wrode around town for hours the night before the race trying to find a Walmart for cheap food. The race course was really mudy. I wrecked on the first of three laps, broke my seat and tore a huge hole in my shin. Fortunately (I guess) mud packed the hole and stopped most of the bleeding. I finished the race with no seat, in the rain, crossing an empty finishline. After riding back to the hotel and cleaning up as best as possible, I rode my broken self and bike to the ER.
Best Race: Mercury Tour. Collin M is right. That race was great. Three days of racing, cash purses, huge turnouts . . ..
I race bikes because: I look really good in spandex . . . and because I can’t jump.

6 Responses to Joseph

  1. Mom says:

    This looks so cool!….
    And I’m still upset about the hospital at the World Cup. Love you, Mom.

  2. Abby says:

    As the self-appointed National Spandex Advisor, I cannot endorse this profile. However, it is to be noted that the severity of the aforementioned inability to jump is second only to the tragic inability to walk quickly. Love!

  3. Dano says:

    Micah is the most persistent racer I’ve met. I’ve eaten his trail dust many times (ok, every time).

  4. Nicki LaPlante says:

    I often wonder what’s happened to my good buddy that used to carpool with me to Boulder for the mtb races on Tues. nights!
    So awesome to read you’re a pro now! And to learn that you’re still riding with the awesome group of bikers from CSU… So cool! Give everyone my best! I’ve been tearing up the road scene in NY- deleriously fast! Love it!! -Nicki

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