Giant Reign Advanced 29 Pro 1 Review

September 22, 2020

The updated 2020 Reign features a steep seat tube angle and great component package. Look to the Giant Reign for a bike that’s ready to rip!

Originally $5000. Now $4500.

The Skinny

The Reign is an all-around fun bike that climbs super well and is a blast on the descent! We think it’s best suited for riders who want an aggressive one quiver bike that has a modern geometry and high-end components. Compared to similar bikes in the same category, there is a ton of value for the price!

An overall fun aggressive ride
Modern geometry
Capable climber 
Fox Suspension package
SRAM Code Brakes
125mm dropper post
Problematic saddle

The Components

Right out of the gate this bike impressed us on many levels. For a bike at this price point, it comes spec’d with some impressive components. The Fox Performance Elite fork and X2 rear shock feel plush and well-matched. The SRAM code brakes are powerful 4 piston brakes that can stop on a dime with ease. We can’t talk enough about the modern geometry and steep seat tube angle making this bike a capable climber. Don’t let the long reach fool you. The steep seat tube angle brings you closer to the bars than other bikes with far shorter reaches. 

Giant did fall short with the dropper post 125mm dropper post on the medium and 150mm on the Large and XL. We swapped out the stock post for a OneUp Components 180 which let us slam the post down to the collar when in the dropped position. The stock saddle also gave us issues because of a plastic serrated edge, which scraped up our legs when cornering. We changed this saddle out with an Ergon SM Comp saddle. Which, if you’re looking for a new mountain bike saddle, we highly recommend! 

The Ride

Overall, we love the feel and ride quality of this bike. The modern geometry makes it a very capable climber and total beast on the descent. We will start to see other bikes adopting the slack headtube/steep seat tube moving forward and for good reason. It really makes a difference. So, who will like this bike? Aggressive enduro type riders Someone who wants a bike that can climb to the top but doesn’t want to be under-biked when the trail gets rowdy. This would be an awesome bike if you like trails like White Ranch or Enchanted Forrest. It would crush the Whole Enchilada and would have no problem ripping up the downhill trails at Trestle

Sound Like You?

Want to get your hands on this bike? Get in touch with us at Peak Cycles. You can reach out to us via phone (303)216-1616 or email!

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate? Flowers? Or Bike Parts!

February 14, 2013


Valentine’s Day Bike Love: Giant TCR Advanced 1 and Giant TCR SL 2

Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate what you love.  Sure, the traditional Valentine’s Day expression includes flowers, chocolate, and a card, but why not ride something HOT this Valentine’s Day! Bikes that is. And hot bikes we’ve got!   Sharing the Valentine’s Day love we offer the Giant TCR Advanced 1 and SL2.

Here’s what they have in common:

  • Both are manufactured by Giant.
  • Both have a race aggressive geometry.
  • Both have a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year for bike parts.

Here’s where they differ:

Giant TCR Advanced 1  Because the frame is made of carbon fiber, it is light weight, stiff, and capable of epic climbs and descents.  Notably, it is very responsive and absorbs vibration.  What type of rider is this hot bike best suited for?  It is ideal for established racers and competitive cyclists. Or, someone who rides a lot, as in 4-5 times a week.  A special feature about the Giant TCR Advanced 1 is that it

includes an integrated sensor compatible with any ANT Heart rate monitor, power meter, or cadence sensor.

Giant TCR SL 2  This bike is an aluminum frame.  With this bike you get the benefits of the stiffness of the frame but at a lower price point.  It is great for the budget minded cyclist looking to get into a high end feel. Or, if you are an entry level cyclist, weekend warrior, or entry level racer, this may be the bike for you.  The Giant TCR SL 2 is an option if you are considering  criterium racing yet have a fear of crashing.  The aluminum frame may be the way to go.

So, what is the main difference between the two?  Of course, they are offered at two different prices.  Aside from the material difference of carbon and aluminum, the biggest difference is in the crank. With the Giant TCR Advanced 1 you get upgraded drive train components which are stronger, more responsive, and they stay in adjustment longer.

Now that you’ve got a hot bike to ride, you need bike parts  to woo the Valentine’s day love.   For starters, you’ll need to track that beating heart – with a monitor of course.  For the Giant TCR Advanced 1, because it has a sensor, you might consider the Garmin without cadence  but you will need this if heart rate is needed.  For the Giant TCR SL 2 you may opt for the Garmin with cadence & heart rate.

Next, you’ll need a way to pedal your love around.  Opt for the Look Keo Plus Pedals Black/White  for the Giant TCR Advanced 1 or the Look Keo Easy Pedal 2012    for the Giant TCR SL 2.

Finally, if chocolate is a must for Valentine’s day, you can carry it around in a saddle bag made just for him  or one especially for her.

It’s your Valentine’s Day. Are you going to make it hot? or Not!

Giant TCR Advanced 1 and Giant TCR SL 2

Giant TCR Advanced 1 and Giant TCR SL 2