A Cyclist Guide to Finding True Love for Valentine’s Day 

1014475_982878108456239_2622874834446561174_nRacing heart. Sweaty palms. Fixated focus.  All classic signs of love at first sight.  Notably, signs to display to your significant other on Valentine’s day.

Yet, as many cyclist well know, those very symptoms are those we experience when racing and training – especially the fixated focus on the rider in front of us.  Some cyclist love to race. They live for it. Others love to train and don’t favor racing.  Whether you love it or hate it, true love is found on the bike and the cycling experience.

But what is true love on the bike exactly?  Like any good relationship, It’s all about reward and avoiding pain.

Reward: All good relationships are built on a solid foundation such as commitment and consistency to your cycling training program.  And, like any good relationship, it’s important to keep it fresh, try new things, and continue building forward.  Most cyclist are in it for the long haul but sometimes deviate from the plan and want a quick fix.  If you fall in that camp, you may opt for a bike fit.  It’s the quickest way to get faster on the bike.

But, if you find yourself committing long term, you may consider going a different route.  Focusing on year round strength training, discovering apps to support your fitness lifestyle, or even jumping in and trying a great fatbike event in 2015 can help you take your true love for cycling to another level.

Pain: Suffering on the bike is one thing.  Pain is another.  Suffering can garner greater fitness gains but pain can keep you from your true love completely.  One way to avoid pain is to be mindful of your bike parts, cycling accessories, and bio feedback.  You might be wondering, Can the Right Bike Parts Make a Difference in Injury Prevention?  Yes, absolutely.

To avoid painful cycling experiences, discover tips to prevent knee pain. You might be surprised that a little extra attentiveness and mindfulness to your bike and bike parts can go a long way in avoiding pain and pitfalls with your true love.

From all of us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to embrace your true love of cycling.

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