Team - Tate Graves

Team - Tate Graves

Name: Tate Graves
Age: 34
Class: Semi-Pro
Profession: Flooring Contractor
Favorite Ride: Jefferson to Breckenridge & Back
Favorite Drink: Any kind of juice
Most Stitches at once & Where: Between 21 and 27 in and out of my knee(don’t let your pedals wear-out)
Worst Race: 1996 silvercreek lots of mud and some hypothermia(thoughts of dying in the woods!)
Best Race: I hope it will be this years B.C. bike race!
I Race Because: Because I love it! I love to Ride, I love the friends that it has brought me and the places that I get to see, I have found a deeper truer side of myself because of what racing & riding has put me through.

One Response to Graves

  1. Ashe says:

    Glad to see that you are still out there. I remember that race in 96 burrr. take care and keep those wheels under you

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