10 Reasons to Visit Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop During Stage 7 of the USA Pro Challenge

August 20, 2015
Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, CO

Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, CO

The 2015 USA Pro Challenge is on!  With only 3 days before the final stage, pro cyclist will race a short loop north of Golden before tackling the main obstacle of the day, the 4-mile climb of Lookout Mtn.  The final stage from Golden to Denver on August 23 is proven to be stellar spectating.  And what better way to have the best spectating experience during the race than to stop by the Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop during Stage 7 of the USA Pro Challenge.  Here’s why!

1. When most walk into our Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, Colorado, they are confronted by a dazzling display of road bikes, mountain bikes, cycling accessories, and cycling apparel.  It’s enough to make your head spin! Enjoy the delightful appeal of a local, mountain town bicycle shop.
2. Located in the heart of Golden, on Washington Avenue, Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop is strategically placed offering you one of the best places to watch the pro cyclist through Golden, Colorado.
3. Not only that, Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop will be open this Sunday 9-11 and 1-4.
4. We’ll have food and drinks for a USA Pro Challenge party on Sunday.
5. Best yet – we will be selling USA Pro Challenge T-shirts in the store all week.
6. You love the USA Pro Challenge and so do we! We’ve been involved in supporting the race since the inaugural race. Support the locals who support the race!
7. Make good use of your day. During the break between the women’s race and the men’s race, you can get your bike fix on!
Browse through our road bikes and mountain bikes like Giant, and Specialized and check out our specialty bike parts.  Our highly rated bike parts and components have become favorites among many.
8. In fact, make the day memorable and pick up a select few bike parts, cycling accessories, or cycling apparel.
9. Get your bike questions answered.  We love answering questions and talking about the latest and greatest. Asking good questions about your bike and bike parts leads to having the right bike and gear that not only gets you on the bike, but keeps you riding.
10. Last but not least, the best reason to visit Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop during the Pro Cycling Challenge is because we love cycling! As avid local cycling advocates as well as sharing our expertise on the web at bike parts.com, we encourage cyclist of all levels to embrace our fabulous sport.
See you Sunday and good luck to all racing the USA Pro Challenge!

A Winning Combination: Colorado School of Mines Cycling Team and Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

May 14, 2015
BikeParts.com - Proud supporters of CSM Cycling Team

BikeParts.com – Proud supporters of CSM Cycling Team

At Peak Cycles Bicycle shop, we recognize the importance of encouraging young people to ride bikes.  Sure, cycling is a fun, youthful activity; but it can also be a lifestyle choice that serves a greater purpose throughout the course of a person’s life.

Cycling, whether it is riding, training for competitive events, or a combination of both can be inspiring and empowering.   That’s why we support our many cycling teams and encourage them with a focus on principles and values; good sportsmanship, attitude and teamwork.  For us at Peak Cycles, it’s a great opportunity to reach the cycling community in Golden, Colorado.  

Last week, we introduced you to the  BikeParts.com – Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop 2015 Roster of Sponsored Cycling Teams.  This week we’d like to take a closer look and share the background and accomplishments of one of those teams – Colorado School of Mines Cycling Team.

First, a brief history of the team.  “There is a long history of cycling at the Colorado School of Mines. The school fielded strong club teams in the 1970’s and 1980’s and hosted the Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships in the area where Mines Park now stands in the 1980’s. The club was somewhat stagnant in the early 2000‘s until 2005 when a new group of motivated riders came to CSM and began rebuilding the cycling tradition at Mines. Since then, the team has become a perennial force in collegiate cycling, with many individual national champions and the 2007 Mountain Bike Team Omnium National Title. The team has not finished off of the podium at the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships since first attending in 2006.”

Just this past weekend at the 2015 Road Cycling Nationals, the team secured many accomplishments:

  • The team placed 2nd in men’s DII Team Time Trial
  • Team member Chad Young finished 3rd in DII Individual Time Trial
  • Team member Andrew Hemesath placed 3rd in Collegiate Nationals Criterium
  • Team member Andrew Hemesath placed 6th in Men’s DII Road Race

As impressive as those results are, success isn’t new to the team.  “The CSM Cycling Team has grown into a perennial powerhouse in collegiate cycling since its rebirth in 2005. Highlights have included the 2007 Mountain Bike Team Omnium National title, 7 individual national titles, 8 team podium appearances at national championships, and 28 individual podium appearances at national championships.”

But it isn’t just about accomplishments that make this team special.  Like us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, they support the local community. Annually, Mines holds the annual Oredigger classi  in March which includes a hill climb, street sprints, and criterium.

As supporters of this team, we proudly offer the best selection of bike parts and components for road cycling and bike parts for their mountain bike racing.  Join us in cheering them on this season!  Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter @minescycling.

Your Complete Summer Guide to 2014 Colorado Cycling Events, Rides, and Bike Races

May 28, 2014

954850_462221050538424_1088116634_nColorado has some of the greatest road bike rides and mountain bike trails in the country.   And, it’s host to one of the world’s favorite bike races – the US ProCycling Challenge.  While some cycling enthusiast plan to visit Colorado for the 7 day stage race, others come to ride and race more frequently in Colorado.

Knowing where and when to ride is half of the trick to enjoyable riding in Colorado.  Whereas being prepared is the other half. The first step in your trip or cycling preparation is selecting the road rides or mountain bike trails you want to ride.  As you’ll soon see from the links below, some rides are shorter, convenient rides whereas others offer steeper, longer climbs and extended distances. Locals and vacationers alike welcome the challenge of pushing the limits while taking in breathtaking views that only Colorado has to offer.  Look through the options and choose your favorites.

Next in your planning preparations, you’ll want to gather road ride or trail intelligence.  Meaning, there are key elements you should know before heading out on any unfamiliar route:

  • Know the profile – How much climbing and descending should you expect?
  • Know the route – Where is the start or the trailhead? How long is the route? What is the technical difficulty? What type of terrain will you be riding? And, What are the current trail conditions if opting for a mountain bike ride?
  • Know the weather conditions before, during, and soon after you expect to ride. Colorado weather changes quickly and sometimes, radically. Be prepared.
  • Know what cycling apparel to wear.  Being over or under dressed makes for an uncomfortable ride.
  • Know which bike parts and components are best for the terrain type and the right mountain bike tire to use.

Finally, there’s a checklist of essential items to carry with you.

The next big question is which bike to ride?   Of course, you can ship or bring your own bike. Our shop, Peak Cycles Bike Shop offers rental bikes and all the bike accessories you may have forgotten to pack.  Or, opt to buy a new bike!  Embark on its inaugural rides here in Golden and ship it home. Finally, have you dialed in which cycling events or races are for you?

Not sure yet?  Well, stop by the Peak Cycling Bike Shop for help or visit us at bikeparts.com for maps, information, or general bike components that you may need for your next big event.  And, as a little teaser to whet your appetite for Colorado’s finest, enjoy the cycling videos, pics, and trail reviews.  Happy Riding!


Cross Racing in Colorado 2013

September 12, 2013

While the cross country mountain bike  and road bike race seasons may be winding down, the cyclocross race season is heating up.  And, it’s not just heating up in Colorado but across the nation.

According to USA Cycling, cyclocross is the fastest growing field in cycling.  Why?  For starters, it’s fun!  It is accessible with a ton of races, and it is by far, the ultimate specter sport.

Across the Front Range and the entire state of Colorado, there are a variety of cyclocross races to test your fitness and take your cycling to another level.  You might be wondering what bike parts you might need for this particular style of racing.  Due to the nature of these events, you can show up on practically any bike (cyclocross, mountain bike, hybrid, road bike).  Yet, because of the variety of terrain, obstacles, weather conditions and short course and race duration, you can expect to replace cycling accessories and bike parts on a more frequent basis.  No worries!  We’ve got you covered! A little planning goes a long way. First, set your goals on the races you’d like to do.

In our own backyard of Golden, Colorado, we have the Back to Basics Cyclocross Series.  Weekly practices on Wednesdays, September12 – October 17, take place at the Lookout Mountain Youth Center and cost $15 each, or $65 for the six-race series. Choose to enter one of four loosely defined categories based on your gender, how hard you want to race, and whether you’re planning to ride a singlespeed or not.

In other areas of Colorado, there are other cyclocross races to plan:

  • Boulder Cyclocross Series – September 16, 22, October 20, November 17, December 8
  • Frisco Cross September 29 • Fricso
  • Monarch High Cyclocross October 7 • Louisville
  • The New Belgium CUP October 13-14 • Fort Collins
  • Boulder Cup October 28 • Boulder
  • Cross of the North December 15-16 • Loveland
  • Colorado Cross Cup Challenge presented by BRAC.

So what’s stopping you?   Plan your cyclocross season now, order your bike parts at bikeparts.com and grab your cow bell!  See you at the races!

Winterizing Your Bike: What’s In Your Tool Kit?

November 1, 2012

bicycle maintenance via http://www.cyclingcartoons.com/Lucky for us in Golden, Colorado – the bike commuting and racing season isn’t over yet!  While the off season may be underway, this is the perfect time of year for commuters and athletes to start bike maintenance preparation for the winter months.  Winter riding poses many threats so having a bike in good working order keeps you safe, warmer, and the opportunity for a more enjoyable ride.

For some, bike maintenance can be a chore, but having the right set of bike components and tools can make all the difference.  When prepping your bike for for the winter, there are several things you want to do to keep it in good working order for the winter months.

  • Wipe down and inspect the frame  – Rain, snow, ice, and road elements pose different cleaning challenges to your frame and bicycle parts.  Consider using a stiff, soft-bristled brush to knock off any chunks of dried-on mud that may be on your frame or wheels. Then, follow that up by taking a rag to your bike, wiping it down generally all over to get off any remaining dust or dirt.
  • Lube your chain and cables.  As unglamorous as chain lube is, it is a necessity for winter riding.  It will keep your bike parts in working order and squeak free! There are many lubes to choose – wet vs dry lube.  As conditions vary, you may want to have a couple of different choices on hand.
  • Inspect tires, wheels, and brake pads – Check that there is adequate air pressure in the tires. Check that there aren’t any cuts or nicks in the sidewall or tread of the tires. You’ll want to make sure the brake pads are not worn. And, remember to inspect where the brake pads hit the rim; they should contact the rim evenly on both sides and not rub the tire in any way that may cause a flat.

Granted, there are as many pre-ride bike checks and maintenance programs to follow.  Regardless of which ones you do, keep in mind building your collection of maintenance tool kits and bike components can be a great way of engaging in your cycling passion during the off season.