Your Complete Summer Guide to 2014 Colorado Cycling Events, Rides, and Bike Races

954850_462221050538424_1088116634_nColorado has some of the greatest road bike rides and mountain bike trails in the country.   And, it’s host to one of the world’s favorite bike races – the US ProCycling Challenge.  While some cycling enthusiast plan to visit Colorado for the 7 day stage race, others come to ride and race more frequently in Colorado.

Knowing where and when to ride is half of the trick to enjoyable riding in Colorado.  Whereas being prepared is the other half. The first step in your trip or cycling preparation is selecting the road rides or mountain bike trails you want to ride.  As you’ll soon see from the links below, some rides are shorter, convenient rides whereas others offer steeper, longer climbs and extended distances. Locals and vacationers alike welcome the challenge of pushing the limits while taking in breathtaking views that only Colorado has to offer.  Look through the options and choose your favorites.

Next in your planning preparations, you’ll want to gather road ride or trail intelligence.  Meaning, there are key elements you should know before heading out on any unfamiliar route:

  • Know the profile – How much climbing and descending should you expect?
  • Know the route – Where is the start or the trailhead? How long is the route? What is the technical difficulty? What type of terrain will you be riding? And, What are the current trail conditions if opting for a mountain bike ride?
  • Know the weather conditions before, during, and soon after you expect to ride. Colorado weather changes quickly and sometimes, radically. Be prepared.
  • Know what cycling apparel to wear.  Being over or under dressed makes for an uncomfortable ride.
  • Know which bike parts and components are best for the terrain type and the right mountain bike tire to use.

Finally, there’s a checklist of essential items to carry with you.

The next big question is which bike to ride?   Of course, you can ship or bring your own bike. Our shop, Peak Cycles Bike Shop offers rental bikes and all the bike accessories you may have forgotten to pack.  Or, opt to buy a new bike!  Embark on its inaugural rides here in Golden and ship it home. Finally, have you dialed in which cycling events or races are for you?

Not sure yet?  Well, stop by the Peak Cycling Bike Shop for help or visit us at for maps, information, or general bike components that you may need for your next big event.  And, as a little teaser to whet your appetite for Colorado’s finest, enjoy the cycling videos, pics, and trail reviews.  Happy Riding!


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