5 Hot Weather Cycling Posts to Help You Keep Your Cool 

June 2, 2016
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Avoid Muscle Cramps! PhysioPhyx LPR available at BikeParts.com

June is finally here!  Welcoming the summer months also means riding in hotter temperatures.  As the weather improves, it makes it easier to increase your mileage and saddle time. Yet, to the unprepared cyclist, riding longer in hotter weather can be counterproductive to training.  

Over enthusiastic riders may take on too much, suffer from improper fueling, and maybe even fatigue from not having a properly fit bike or the ideal bike parts for the ride planned.  The best approach is to ease into the summer riding months and aim to balance nutrition, hydration, recovery along with the increased mileage and intensity.  

Not sure how to do it?  Well, at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we’ve got you covered.  Read our favorite posts to optimize recovery, avoid heat stress and unnecessary fatigue, and actually train effectively in the warmer temps.  

There are lots of resources online for you to learn about recovery best-practices and get the fuel and equipment you need for adequate recovery. Bikeparts.com has lots of different types of nutritional supplements all in one place as well as bikesbike partscycling accessories, and cycling apparel that can help you with your recovery training. And if you just want to talk to an expert, stop into Peak Cycles in Golden, CO to talk to one of our competitive cyclists. Have fun with your summer training!

Tough Girl Cycling Team Inspiring Women Cyclist with Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

May 21, 2015
Tough Girl Cycling Team - Sponsored by BikeParts.com and Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

Tough Girl Cycling Team – Sponsored by BikeParts.com and Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop

At Peak Cycles Bicycling Shop, we all love bikes and we share our passion for the sport by supporting eight cycling teams in the Colorado Front Range area.

Members of our teams race in all levels and in multiple disciplines and plan to race a full arsenal of events throughout the 2015 cycling season.  That’s why we are proud to support the cyclists who are a part of the Peak Cycles – BikeParts.com Race teams – especially the Tough Girl Cycling Team.

In case you are unfamiliar, the Tough Girl Cycling Team is a non profit cycling group for women started in 2005 and “promotes active outdoor lifestyles through bicycle racing both regionally and nationally.” Their goal is to “have fun, stay fit, be competitive, and look great doing it!”  You will notice from their pictures, they do look great!  But their team members  are also great cycling advocates sharing cycling knowledge around nutrition; bike skills and drills; identifying the best bike parts for women riders; and also, tips on keeping mentally tough during training and racing.
When they aren’t inspiring others to ride, they are often found on the podium!  There are countless achievements to share but following are a few highlights.  Champion Titles include:
  • Kay Levesque is 2008 24-Hour Duo Mountain Bike National Champion and 2010 24-Hour Women’s Masters Mountain Bike National Champion
  • Lisa Strong is 2006 W’s Team 24-Hour National Champion, 2009 CO State Cyclocross Champion, 2008, 2010 Runner Up CO State Cyclocross Champion, and 1999 Runner Up Collegiate Cyclocross National Champion
  • Lynn Bush – 2009 Super-D National Champion – Open Women and  2006 W’s Team 24-Hour National Champion
  • Margell Abel – 2004 Cyclocross National Champion, Master Women 35-40, 2000 Cyclocross National Champion, Master Women 30-34, and 1st ever Collegiate Cyclocross National Champion – 1997, University of Colorado
  • Rebecca Gross – 2012 Masters Cyclocross World Champion 30-34, 2012 Collegiate Short Track D2 National Champion, 2011 Collegiate Short Track D2 National Champion
Members of the Tough Girls team have had multiple triumphs with podium finishes at various local Colorado and regional races such as 18 hours of Fruita in Fruita, CO and Turkey Cross in Lakewood, CO.
Be sure to spot these inspiring ladies on the trail! Look for them at upcoming events and keep current with Tough Girl activities and successes on their website, their Facebook page, on Twitter @ToughGirlTeam and on Instagram.