Fat Bike Candy — Everything Fat Bike You Want to Know and See

February 25, 2016

The temperatures may be getting a little warmer this time of year, but we know that many of you are still thinking fat bike! And, in reality, it’s still prime fat bike season. So we thought that we would provide you with some fat bike candy — everything you want to feast your eyes on in regards to fat bikes, bike partscycling accessories, and cycling apparel.

The Intrepid Specialized Fatboy

(Other models include Fatboy Comp, Comp Carbon, Expert Carbon, Trail, and Pro Trail see details here)

We find that the Specialized Fatboy models continually maintain a positive reputation among fat bike riders and critics as a reliable, light weight, and enjoyable all around bike. If you ride around Golden, CO in the winter, you will have most certainly seen Fatboy prints in the snow because we see them all the time, and regularly take our bikes out on test rides.

If you race fat bikes, bikerader.com published a glowing review of the Fatboy Expert Carbon with the verdict that, with a lightweight carbon frame, fork and wheelset, the bike is “race-ready out of the box.” 


Bike bags, bike bags, and more bike bags!

We’ve been hearing more and more that our riders really appreciate having quality bike bags when they are out on their fat bike for long periods of time. Whether you’re bike packing, bike commuting, our just out for an extended ride, you might find a bike bag for your fat bike very useful.

Similarly, weather is changeable in the winter and spring months so riders are often putting on and taking off layers. And where do they store them? Bike bags! We recommend that you look into bike bags from Apidura, Revelate Designs, and Salsa. These are well-priced, durable bike bags that fit on your frame, handlebars, saddle, or top tube. You won’t regret purchasing one of these!

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Fat Bike Apparel for the Tough Cyclists

If you’re a winter cyclist, you are tough. You’re love of cycle overcomes any inhibitions to stay inside during cold, windy, and snowy winter weather. And while it’s not always easy to be outside in winter, you love the chill on your face and the wind whipping through your helmet holes.

But winter cycling doesn’t have to be a tough experience. Having the right gear can make an otherwise grueling outdoor ride into a much more enjoyable experience. Winter apparel staples include boots, poagies, and layers.

Your feet and hands are critical. bikerumor.com recently released a review of a favorite boot of ours — 45NRTH Wölvhammer which bike rumor described as “burly,” “rugged,” and the “warmest” and “most waterproof” boots tested. Similarly, we always recommend a pair of pogies to keep your hands nice and toasty. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 4.04.51 PM

If you have have any questions about what you should be riding or wearing for fat bike season, feel no hesitation to stop into our store or see our extensive inventory of bikes, bike partscycling accessories, and cycling apparel online. Happy fat biking!

Why Go Fat? 

November 19, 2015

Brand New Demo – 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 6Fattie (Large)

Fat bikes – they’re all the rage! While many consider fat bikes to be a trend, they are, in fact, here to stay!  The hottest trend in the mountain biking world right now is the oversized bike that can accommodate tires up to 5 inches wide.  Yet, as popular as they are, many have yet to experience this cycling bliss! 

You might be wondering, why would any self-respecting cyclist be caught dead on one of these? There are plenty of reasons, including the original impetus of floating over snow and sand, but perhaps the best reason is one shared by just about any form of bike: it’s fun!  Fat bikes behave much like a mountain bike but, in many cases, they are much more versatile. You can practically ride them anywhere and they are particularly useful during winter rides in snowy conditions. They are also great beginner bikes and will make you feel like an 8 year-old again, bouncing  gleefully all over the trails.

Fat bikes go where no bicycle has gone before.  Fat bikes can ride pretty much anywhere. They do really well on dirt but they are also very capable in the snow. Packed snow will feel very much like riding on dirt. Pushing through heaps of freshly fallen snow will provide more of a challenge and there will be some days when riding is simply impossible.  However, fat bikes make it so riders don’t have to omit a season from their calendar.

Fat bikes are easier to find and more affordable than ever before.  The fat bike market has exploded in recent years. Brands include Specialized, Mongoose, Polaris, Kona, Gravity, Kawasaki, Borealis and more! Manufacturers are creating frames out of tons of different materials including aluminum, carbon, titanium, bamboo, real steel, and Wal-Mart steel. Most fat-bikes that you will come across have a fully rigid frame. However fat bikes with front fork suspension and full-body suspension have started to emerge.

Finding the fat bike that works for you will depend on the type of riding that you do and, more importantly, your budget.  However, at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop, we are all big fans of fat bikes and offer several options.  Check out two of our favorites the 2016 Fatboy Comp Carbon and the 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 6Fattie DEMO

Different people are finding different reasons to fall in love with fat bikes. Are you feeling the fat bike love?   Demo a fat bike at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, Colorado.  Check out our fat bike bike selections, cycling apparel, hydration strategies, fat bike bike parts, and accessories. Enjoy the bliss a riding a fat bike can bring you! 

Battle of the Bulge – How to Fight the End of Season Weight Gain

November 5, 2015


Between trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties, keeping the weight off can be a challenge for many individuals this time of year. According to a new survey just released by Nutrisystem, Inc.,  a leading provider of weight management products and services, Americans are without a doubt battling the bulge during the holiday season.  The survey, conducted online in October in the U.S. on behalf of Nutrisystem by Harris Poll, polled 2,032 Americans, both male and female, and found:

  • Nearly 1/3 (32%) of adults said they or their spouse/partner gained weight between Halloween and New Years last year.
  • Of those that gained weight themselves, 3 in 4 (75%) said they gained 5 or more pounds and 1 in 3 (34%) say they gained 10 pounds or more.
  • About 2 in 5 claim that they (39%) or their spouse/partner (44%) went up a full clothing size during this time.

What does this mean?  Don’t be that guy or gal!  Ride your bike!  Just because the time has changed and the temperatures are cooler doesn’t mean you have to put your cycling regime on the shelf!  With an enthusiastic attitude and a few bike part changes, you can shift your end of season cycling experience to be the best one yet! 

To begin, don’t be afraid of the dark!  When the clocks change and the night draws in, cyclists have a decision to make: get in the groove with night riding and embrace the darkness.  Or, hang up the wheels and miss out on hours of glorious saddle time.  The trick to capturing the benefits is to make the time change and night riding work for you. Visibility is crucial – for you and your bike. Outfit your bike with a good light system.  You will want lights for the front of your bike.  Consider having multiple lights for the front of your bike.  One on your helmet so you can shine side roads and traffic and have a second light on your handlebars so you can see at least 10 ft. or more in front of you.  For the rear of your bike, opt for a rear red light-particularly one that blinks. A blinking red light is much more likely to get the attention of a passing motorist who might otherwise not notice you.  Don’t forget to wear cycling apparel that is visible.  There are options to choose from including vests and ankle bands.  Also, reflective tape is a good idea. 3M makes black reflective tape that is great to put on black wheels.

Instead of you getting fat, just get a fat bike! Fat bikes are the hottest trend in the mountain biking world right now and not surprisingly now is the time to get on board with them.  This year there is more competition in the fat bike market than ever which means lower price tags. In addition to more complete bikes, there is a huge selection of fat bike parts available which makes it easy to customize your ride with wheelstires, and other components that fit your riding style.  Check out our post, 2016 Fatboy Comp Carbonfor details.  Better yet, don’t just read about it, ride a fat bike!  Stop by Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop to ride, test ride, and buy a fat bike.  

You’ve spent most of the year working hard, putting in long hours on the bike, sacrificing ‘bad’ foods to keep your weight down, and done your utmost to get as fit as possible.  Don’t let all that hard work go to waste (or should we say waist?!)! What you do in the off-season can mean the difference between winning and losing during the next cycling season. Set your sights high for 2016 and stay fit now!