Live Report – Summit County in the Spring

skiing and melting snow

skiing and melting snow

What I hate the most about April.  Fifty degree days in the mountains followed by highs in the twenties and a foot of snow.  Huge life decisions like……. Do I go skiing today or do I ride my bike.

Somehow I managed to make a perfect weekend out of these huge life problems.  The past two weeks have been pretty painful in the backcountry around Breckenridge.  Decent spring storms have been leaving a solid snowfall.  Only to be immediately followed by sunny and warm days.  Turning the fresh powder into a sticky, grabby mess, that throws you easily over the “handle bars” without reason.

After spending some time trying to figure out what to do Sunday morning, I decided I’d give the backcountry one more try.  The snow thankfully wasn’t a sticky mess, instead it was greasy, slushy, and very fast.  I reached the summit of one my new favorite places and hung out long enough to take some pictures and realize that I was higher and steeper than I should have been.  Oh-well nothing like taking your skis off and walking down the first pitch.  Things like that happen.

Later that evening I knew an epic ski day needed to be followed by an epic day on the bike.  So me, my road bike, a lot of oil tankers, dirt bag snowboarder kids, and tourists all made our way up LovelandPass Monday morning.  A true Summit County Spring classic.  It was sunny and in the fifties in Breck, but on the summit it was no more than thirty five with a brutal south west wind.  As always I forgot how painful the decent is.  What kind of downhill isn’t fun.  I mean who would think coming off a 12,000 ft pass in early April would be down right cold, with a brutal headwind, and a body numbing pain that turns into the hippie shakes as I desperately tried to hold on for the eight miles to Keystone.

Well I have to take the rest of the week off, the Imperial Challenge is on Saturday! – Jason K

at the summit

at the summit

loveland pass is somewhere over there, the view from frisco

loveland pass is somewhere over there, the view from frisco

the way back down

the way back down


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