Summer slowly fades away

bikesseason 005Unfortunately there is only eight weeks left of mountain biking in summit county.  By the end of October the snow will start sticking to the ground and close the trails down.  It’s hard to imagine that it’ll be all over so soon, even though the days are still warm.  I’m not going to be riding my bike up on the ski area or anywhere above town for seven months after the end of October.  Some years may let me sneak a ride in on the fumes in early November or I can drive over to Dillon and get a quick little ride in.  But by Thanksgiving you’ll be lucky to be able to ride the road bike on the roads.  With all these depressing thoughts of the end, I usually focus on that one big ride.  The one right before it’s all over.  You can tell when the big snow storm is coming to shut it all down, usually I’ll ditch work the day before the storm shows up.  It’ll be unseasonable warm and dry that day, making for a pleasant late fall ride.  Some years the last big ride has been on the road bike up to vail pass, other times it just been a simple mountain bike ride to the summit of Boreas pass and back, and other times the return trip is done in a light snow storm.  Only to wake up the next morning to a foot of snow and a pair of skis by the front door.  So for the next eight weeks I’ll focus on getting the last of the epic summit county rides in, as well as wearing down the over used single track that I always ride. – Jason K

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