Indian Summer

work 013I’ve been waiting since labor day for this Indian summer to show up.  For all of you who haven’t been in Colorado or haven’t been paying attention it’s been down right cold, snowy, and rainy.  With the days getting shorter and being super busy at work my days riding the bike are numbered but I sure made up for it this weekend. Unfortunately everything above tree line is done and even lower elevations aren’t too pretty on the north faces.  So I decided to hit the one area I don’t ride too much once the season is in full swing.  Between the dredge on Tiger Road and Keystone provides for some fun loops I haven’t hit since late May.  I even took a detour through keystone, hitting some horse trails and other assorted single track that bobs in and out of the homes there.  It was a trip riding the single track where it all began in the summer of 96.   Over all it was a ripping good time at a nice off season pace, thirty two miles, three and a half hours, and right around 3,000 ft of climbing without hitting any “big climbs.”  The downfall was the two or so miles on pavement……. but the other 28 miles or so of single track didn’t hurt. – Jason K

Unfortunately I have to publish the picture below.  In post from back in June Parker, Jesse, Matt, and I were doing a nice little loop around summit county.  We stopped so Jesse could take some pictures of the wildflowers while Parker was inspired to recite poetry about tulips and Indian paint brush.  Well they logged the area and seemed to “crush” everything.  But I got a funny feeling the flowers will be back next year so don’t worry Parker.

work 010

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