Winter finally decided to show up in mid February this year.  It’s turning out to be a big surprise after the long dry spell and occasional storm up until then.  So I did my obligatory snow shoe race in early January and promptly traded the snowshoes in for skis.

Now I’m setting my sights on the Imperial Challenge in April.


Wasn’t sure if it was going to happen this year, but the ski resort decided to pull it off.  Also new this year in Breckenridge is the 5-peaks challenge.  A 10,000 foot plus amount of climbing and descending the peaks around Breck.  I’m considering doing the race but I need a partner that can crush the competition with me.


I’ve been getting some backcountry skiing in with Yves Piecoup of Montezuma’s Revenge fame.  Last Friday we hit French Pass, there are a couple photos below.  It’s a long slog out there and the great thing about it is you’re the only one out there.  Conditions were perfect until the top of the pass where the wind, snow, and cold were brutal.

Jason K, Breck, CO

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