How To: Lowers Fork Service

January 26, 2022

Are you the DIY type and looking to take care of your own lower-leg fork service? While this job isn’t easy by any standard, if you have the right tools it is doable. Keeping up on this service will keep your fork feeling good and help prolong the life and overall performance. This video from Pinkbike does a great job of breaking down how to do get the job done and check out our list of essential items you will need to tackle this job at home. Let us know if you decide to take on this job yourself in the comment section below! If you decide that leaving it to a professional is for the best, we don’t blame you. Check out Dirtlabs for all of your suspension and dropper post-service needs, and just in case you didn’t know, we are an Authorized Dirtlabs Drop Off Location.

Neccesary Tools

8 Expert Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Parts, Bicycles, and Bike Components

August 7, 2014

Expert answersWhen most walk into our Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, Colorado, they are confronted by a dazzling display of road bikes, mountain bikes, cycling accessories, and cycling apparel.  It’s enough to make your head spin!

On the flip side, it’s the many questions that are asked of our staff and mechanic’s that make our heads spin!  And, we’re happy about that!  Obviously, we love answering questions and talking about the latest and greatest.  But, general questions usually center around road bike or mountain bike?  Tubeless or not? Full suspension or hard tail?  26”, 27 1/2” or 29” wheel?  You get the picture.  Those are great shop questions that we help answer for our customers.

Yet, there are more sophisticated questions asked.  Ones that take a little more time to explain. Answering those questions, we find the following posts to help explain in further detail.

1.  Technical FAQ: Tire widths, pressures, and more
2.  What Happens When the Six Million Dollar Man (bike) Crashes?
3.  Bike Inspections: A Guide for Injury Free, Enjoyable Spring Cycling  
4.  GoingTubeless? How to use Stans NoTubes 
5.  Bike weight and the myth of ‘fast’ bikes
6.  Ask a Mechanic: Which spare parts should I have on hand?
7.  The Quickest Way To Get Faster? Get a Bike Fit! 
8;  Wheelset Buyer Guide: What You Need to Know 

Asking good questions about your bike and bike parts leads to having the right bike and gear that not only gets you on the bike, but keeps you riding.  Ride on!