How To: Lowers Fork Service

Are you the DIY type and looking to take care of your own lower-leg fork service? While this job isn’t easy by any standard, if you have the right tools it is doable. Keeping up on this service will keep your fork feeling good and help prolong the life and overall performance. This video from Pinkbike does a great job of breaking down how to do get the job done and check out our list of essential items you will need to tackle this job at home. Let us know if you decide to take on this job yourself in the comment section below! If you decide that leaving it to a professional is for the best, we don’t blame you. Check out Dirtlabs for all of your suspension and dropper post-service needs, and just in case you didn’t know, we are an Authorized Dirtlabs Drop Off Location.

Neccesary Tools

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