10 + 1 Really BIG Reason to be Grateful for Cycling

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving: A day to eat turkey, watch football, and give personal thanks for the fortunes of the year.  It is also an opportunity to reflect and give thanks.  With that in mind, we celebrate the joys of cycling:

  1. Meet great people.
  2. Get to ride with great bike parts.
  3. Enjoy your natural surroundings.
  4. Go car free and pollutant free.
  5. It is great exercise.
  6. Wear brightly colored jerseys.
  7. Freedom to ride anywhere.
  8. Time for personal reflection.
  9. Explore different towns and local areas.
  10. Guilt free consumption of mass quantities of calories – well earned, of course!

The best reason to be grateful for cycling at Thanksgiving?   Big savings on bike parts.    Be At the Front of the Pack for Black Friday  there’s going to be a special website discount offered on Black Friday.   Look for the discount on the BikeParts.com  website on Friday, November 23, 2012.  A great chance to win big Friday through Sunday. LINK

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to share our gratitude to our staff, customers, racers, race teams, and all the passionate cyclist sharing the joy our two wheeled friends bring us.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Angel Fire Podium Mountain States Cup – Team BikeParts.com

May 29, 2008

Angel Fire Mountain States Cup Podium Team BikeParts.com

Angel Fire Podium Mountain States Cup – Team BikeParts.com…Another XC race, another podium on a Maverick Durance.

Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop is now a Specialized dealer

May 29, 2008

Peak Cycles (Golden, CO) is now a Specialized dealer.

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