Alien Run MTB ride – Aztec New Mexico, UFO Crash site

March 30, 2008

Alien Run is a 25+- MTB single-track and oil-field road mountain bike ride in Aztec, New Mexico.

The ride is named after the fabled Hart Canyon UFO Crash site. Little green men – or women, whomever you prefer.


The ride / race course is accessed through Aztec New Mexico. We started at the Aztec Motocross track for about 8 miles of Mountain View trail before we got to the Alien run trailhead. From there it was an 8 mile loop. Sandy, twisty singletrack with some slickrock then back to the moto track via Mtn View.  Total ride time about 2.75 hrs easy with breaks.

Alien Run MTB ride Photo Album

Colorado Epic Mountain Bike Race

December 18, 2007

Jon Watt sent me this link to a Velonews article about the Colorado Epic MTB Endurance Stage Race. Its nice to see that racers on a budget dont have travel to Costa Rica or BC to get a chance at an Epic-multi day-brutal stage race! What are your thoughts? Would you do a 5 day MTB stage race in CO? Would you only train and race big races that season? Would you race Solo or Team? – Swift

2008 Mountain States Cup series colorado mountain bike race series

December 18, 2007

The 2008 Mountain States Cup series just got posted on their website. It looks like they came back with the classic races like Angel Fire, Crested Butte, Snow Mass, Telluride and Keystone. But I am REALLY excited to hear about the new race venues in Fruita and Sol Vista! I always love new courses! – Swift

Like Shaggy said…

December 15, 2007

It wasnt me!

The search for warmth

November 25, 2007

With the warm fall we have been having in the Denver area, all of us have been riding quite a bit lately. But then last week, Jack Frost reminded us that its almost December with cold temps and a couple inches of snow. So, Matt, Tate, Tim, Tyler and I headed West for some dry dirt. Here is a photo of Tyler and the cliche biker pose…


And this photo shows a small glimpse of the new double diamond trail, Free Lunch, in Grand Junciton…


And here is a photo of my ML8 soaking in the sun!

Be sure to check out the Turkey Ride photo album here

What I learned…

November 24, 2007

What I learned from Mike Janelle is that you could win a mtn bike race using road tatics. 🙂 Thank you Mike! Ride in peace.Dscn0359

Boulder X

November 13, 2007

Here is a pict of Tim Barnes throwing some sand at a cross race in Boulder! Way to stay on your bike Timbra!Timxrace_2

2007 Squawker Cross – Durango, CO

November 12, 2007

Colin Osborn serving it at the super fast, single barrier, Squawker Cross cyclecross race in Durango, Colorado. Todd Wells won the race after gapping Geoff Kabush with 30 minutes to go.


FLC Cross beer tent frequented by cycling celebs such as Greg Herbold, Rick Crawford, David Farmer and the likes. With $1 beers and burritos there was not reason not to act like a child.


With about 20 minutes to go Wells extended his lead from 3 seconds to 10. Kabush was unable to match.

More Pics Here

College life

November 5, 2007

While the rest of us were working hard on Halloween, Team Pro racer Colin Osborn spend the day on his bike in Durango! Check out the video proof here!Picture_1

any stickers left?

October 30, 2007


These two tricked out rides will smoke your lame sh!t anyday. betta recognize.

I love my bike, but COME ON….

October 28, 2007

A man in England was caught “riding” his bike… check this link out!

Mountain Biking in Gallup New Mexico

October 27, 2007

It’s a fact that Gallup, NM has a ton of sweet riding open just about all year around. Located on I40 on the eastern side of the Navajo Rez ,Gallup’s mild climate makes it a sweet spot for high desert riding. The pic below is from the Mentmore trail about 1.1 miles into the ride.


Before you head out be sure and pick up a copy of the Gallup Waypoints riding guide. Go to to see where to pick up a copy. "Gallup Waypoints is a 60 page full color book with 20 detailed ride descriptions. We have good desert terrain, forested trails, and some high country smooth red-rock “slick rock”… It, also, c ontains some hiking recommendations and has a list of all the best restaurants in Gallup to refuel. Discover all the local trail knowledge around the Gallup area." We stayed at the Hampton Inn (aka Compton Inn) off of exit 22 and it was actually very nice.

Gallupmtb_083Back to the Mentmore trail…basically the best ride we did in the three days we were there. Fast, hard pack singletrack. Its like riding on a sidewalk at times. Roll with some semi-slicks and you can really haul.

Gallupmtb_104The Mentmore trail is where they hold the Dawn-till-Dusk 12-hour mtb fest in the spring.

Link to the Gallup Chamber of Commerce website:

We ate at the Coal Street Pub one night. It was ok grub for the region. High Mesa Bikes and Gear,, is a local shop located on Coal Street. We swung by Monday but they were closed.

Click here for the Gallup MTB Photo Album

Totally RAD!

October 17, 2007

My old college roomate sent me this photo of his Halloween costume this year!!! Way to keep it real Biff!!!Misc_015

GT with the white mags…

October 17, 2007

Alright, I have been playing that new song called “Black Mags” by the Cool Kids non stop! So, Click sent me this photo of him circa ’85!!!!!Clickgt

winter riding…

October 17, 2007

Check out Charlie’s little toy for getting into the back country this winter…Splitbike

myspace? yeah, MYSPACE!!!!!

October 6, 2007

Team has joined the “i have friends and can prove it” revolution with a myspace page. check it out!

Pope of Dope

October 1, 2007

So unless you have been living under a large rock for the past two years you have heard about all of the doping going on and more specifically “Operation Puerto”. Well the head guy behind this is named Dr. Eufemio Fuentes and these socks commemerate his life long contributions to the destruction of cycling…… – TylerSocks

Colorado in the Fall

September 30, 2007

So, I was awkened at 6:00 this morning by a phone call from Charlie. We had planned a ride on Monarch Crest today with a crew of other guys. He says that highway 285 was closed, it has snowed and only 15 deg on the top of Monarch. So, much to my dismay, we cancelled the ride and planned to head up to Buffalo Creek instead and ride the Colorado Trail there. My head hit the pillow and we followed through with Plan B later today. It ended up being a wonderful fall day in Colorado! Here are some picts of Lake Wellington and the CO Trail. – jesseImg_3615

Enduro Cross come to Denver

September 30, 2007

A little tease of the sweet enduro cross races that came to Denver this weekend!Endurocross_2

20 hours in Vegas

September 29, 2007

I was lucky enough to be invited to Interbike in Las Vegas this year. I had lots of work to take care of, but I didnt let that deter me from the trip. I landed at 9:00pm on Wednesday, watched some buddies gamble, had some drinks (coke a cola), got very little sleep, woke up and walked around and left 5:00pm on Thursday. As always, the show was over whelming. Here are some picts of the things that I left me with impressions…


A Cycling Team in Cali named Rock Racing has this as their team car…

Schwalbe has a new tire called the Nobby Nic I cant wait to try out…

The new SID is no longer anorexic and got fatter…


But, so the Maverick DUC did too… as well as some new flashy carbon legs…


Speaking of carbon, check out the seatpost on the new Yeti ASR frames…

More cabron from DT Swiss! They are making some pretty carbon mtn rims that can be setup tubeles…


Hey, that new seatpost from Crank Brothers looks familiar….


Crank Brothers is also doing wheels and headsets…

SPOT is doing a belt drive for single speeds which is pretty creative! I wonder what it will be like in the mud and snow…