Mountain Biking in Gallup New Mexico

It’s a fact that Gallup, NM has a ton of sweet riding open just about all year around. Located on I40 on the eastern side of the Navajo Rez ,Gallup’s mild climate makes it a sweet spot for high desert riding. The pic below is from the Mentmore trail about 1.1 miles into the ride.


Before you head out be sure and pick up a copy of the Gallup Waypoints riding guide. Go to to see where to pick up a copy. "Gallup Waypoints is a 60 page full color book with 20 detailed ride descriptions. We have good desert terrain, forested trails, and some high country smooth red-rock “slick rock”… It, also, c ontains some hiking recommendations and has a list of all the best restaurants in Gallup to refuel. Discover all the local trail knowledge around the Gallup area." We stayed at the Hampton Inn (aka Compton Inn) off of exit 22 and it was actually very nice.

Gallupmtb_083Back to the Mentmore trail…basically the best ride we did in the three days we were there. Fast, hard pack singletrack. Its like riding on a sidewalk at times. Roll with some semi-slicks and you can really haul.

Gallupmtb_104The Mentmore trail is where they hold the Dawn-till-Dusk 12-hour mtb fest in the spring.

Link to the Gallup Chamber of Commerce website:

We ate at the Coal Street Pub one night. It was ok grub for the region. High Mesa Bikes and Gear,, is a local shop located on Coal Street. We swung by Monday but they were closed.

Click here for the Gallup MTB Photo Album

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