20 hours in Vegas

I was lucky enough to be invited to Interbike in Las Vegas this year. I had lots of work to take care of, but I didnt let that deter me from the trip. I landed at 9:00pm on Wednesday, watched some buddies gamble, had some drinks (coke a cola), got very little sleep, woke up and walked around and left 5:00pm on Thursday. As always, the show was over whelming. Here are some picts of the things that I left me with impressions…


A Cycling Team in Cali named Rock Racing has this as their team car…

Schwalbe has a new tire called the Nobby Nic I cant wait to try out…

The new SID is no longer anorexic and got fatter…


But, so the Maverick DUC did too… as well as some new flashy carbon legs…


Speaking of carbon, check out the seatpost on the new Yeti ASR frames…

More cabron from DT Swiss! They are making some pretty carbon mtn rims that can be setup tubeles…


Hey, that new seatpost from Crank Brothers looks familiar….


Crank Brothers is also doing wheels and headsets…

SPOT is doing a belt drive for single speeds which is pretty creative! I wonder what it will be like in the mud and snow…

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