ABA BMX Cornhusker Nationals- Team BPC brings home some hardware

May 5, 2011

Team BPC headed to Kearney, Nebraska to race in the Cornhusker Nationals last weekend. Racing was Friday thru Sunday.

Here are the boys results:

Friday PreRace
Conrad 7th
Dillon 1st
Lander 5th

Conrad 5th
Dillon 1st
Lander DNQ

Sunday (all boys qualify for the mains):
Conrad 8th due to a crash (he is ok)
Dillon 1st
Lander 7th (not bad for turning 11 two weeks ago)


Colorado Indoor BMX Racing

January 24, 2010

An enthusiastic group of people have orchestrated early season racing up in Greeley! Colorado Indoor BMX will be hosting three race weekends- One in early January, one in mid February, and the last one in March. The Turner Posse headed up for the first race, there was a huge turnout on both days, I’d guess 350-400 on Saturday with 32 motos (by age and level) and 250-300 on Sunday with 28 motos. Even though the turnout was less on Sunday, the racers on Sunday were the hardcore seasoned riders. After 3 qualifiers for each  age group, Saturday ended up with both Conrad and Dillon making the final for their age group and both got second place podiums. On Sunday, only Lander made the final and managed to blow a tire in the first turn, he was bummed, he had a good shot at making the podium, alas he will race another day.

So you are asking yourself, why do i care…..?

They have a MTB class that does not require ABA membership, that’s why! Bring your $10 and a MTB, and you get a full day of racing indoors. It would be great to get a bunch of the team out there and invite as many other Front Range teams and hope for a huge turn out.

For more info- http://www.cibmx.org/

Update- The Turner Boys just got their district numbers for 2010-

Conrad is #121

Dillon is #73 (hoping to move up to expert)

Lander is # 129

Good job little BPC’ers!