Ride Your Bike. Do Good.

Last year, more than $130,000 was raised towards COVID-19 relief efforts in the first ever Giddy Up Challenge. Hosted by professional athlete /author / emmy winner / and activist Rebbeca Rusch, the Giddy Up Challenge invited people around the world to run or ride and raise money for COVID relief. The challenge was broken down into varying levels of difficulty, the hardest being 29,032 of climbing!

This Years Challenge

This year the Giddy Up For Good Challenge is aiming to raise twice that amount to support efforts that protect and preserve outdoor spaces for future generations to come. Just like last year, the challenge will be focused on running and riding uphill. The money raised this year will support the work of the Be Good™ Foundation, using exercise and adventure as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution.

Get Involved

Registration for Rebecca’s Giddy Up Challenge is now open! Participants can ride or run (outdoors or indoors) the elevation of one of 4 climbing challenges. Register online here! For those participating in this Years Giddy Up For Good Challenge, all of us here at wish you good luck!

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