Colorado Cycling Groups

Cycling groups are a great way to stay psychically motivated and socialize. In a world before COVID, we would host weekly shop rides from Peak Cycles for both mountain biking and road. As things return to normal, we are excited to get back into the groove of things and reconnect with fellow cyclists. If you are looking to join a group ride, be sure to follow our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates! We will likely start-up group rides from the shop sooner than later!

A ladies only, COVID friendly group ride in August 2020!

Finding A Cycling Group Near You

There are tons of great resources online for finding a cycling group that suits your needs. Take for example Pedal and pints which has over 6,000 members that ride to new breweries and enjoy Colorado craft beer. What’s not to like about that? We found this group on From our research, it looks like there are over 60 cycling groups within a 20-mile radius of Denver for varying ages, abilities, and intentions. Facebook on the other hand, has hundreds of cycling groups worth checking out. You can search by city and narrow down search results to ones close to you. For the more serious road cyclist, we are a partner of Twin Peaks Racing. Check them out if you are interested in the race scene or in their words, “smashin watts and grillin brats.”

Stay Safe Out There

With the recent tragedy of Gwen Inglis being killed by a DUI driver in Lakewood, we want to remind everyone to stay safe on the roads. Not only when you are cycling, but also behind the wheel. We are looking forward to reconnecting with our fellow cycling community now more than ever. If you are looking for some great local rides in the meantime, check out an article we did with the Denver Post in 2019, Five classic bike rides in Colorado that every cyclist should do. Stay safe out there!

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