Benefits of Bike Commuting

We all know that riding our bikes is, well, good for us. But how many of us actually use our trusty steeds to get us to and from work? While driving a car to and from work certainly has it conveniences, it comes with environmental, financial, and emotional costs (think sitting in traffic slamming your head on the steering wheel). Cities like Denver have robust bike path networks that makes bike commuting an increasingly safer option.


Riding your bike to and from work gets your exercise in for the day and takes care of your commute at the same time. In this busy world we live in, time is one of our most valuable assets. Carving out an hour to exercise each day after a full day of work can be a lot to ask. Bike commuting solves this issue by killing two birds with one stone. Don’t feel like showing up to work sweaty? E-Bikes are becoming an increasingly popular option worth checking out!


Whether it’s paying for parking, gas, or tolls, driving to and from work every day adds up. With the average American spending about $2,600 per year getting to and from work, according to Citi’s 2015 Commuter Index, commuting by bike can help reduce that expense!

Get Inspired

Thinking about commuting to and from work but not sure where to start? Give us a call at Peak Cycles and we can help set you up with a bike commuting setup that is practical and cost-effective. Be sure to check out the Cyclist Lawyer on Instagram, too! She is an avid bike commuter and all around advocate for cyclists! If you’re interested in checking out a commuting option via bike path, Google Maps has a built-in feature to show Bike Paths.

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