Measuring Your Sit Bones

Sit Bone Measurement

You could buy the most expensive saddle available but if it’s not the right size for your anatomy, it’s not worth much. Bike saddles come in a variety of sizes for this exact reason. Our sit bones support us on the bike saddle, and if they aren’t sitting right on the cushion it can lead to some serious pain and discomfort. Measuring your sit bones is easy. Most bike shops, like Peak Cycles, have a sit bone measuring tool. It’s essentially a gel pad that you sit on and leave an impression on. Your sit bones will leave two dimples in the gel pad that you can measure to find the proper width. 

Measuring Your Sit Bones At Home

If going into a bike shop isn’t an option right now, there are some creative ways you can measure your sit bones at home. The first method is to take a sheet of aluminum foil and set it on something soft like carpeting or a yoga mat. Doing this on some steps or a low table works the best for really exposing your sit bones. Sit on the foil for about 30 seconds and then stand up. Measure from center to center on each of the dimples. A typical range for most sit bones is between 100-200mm. Once you know your measurement, a general rule of thumb is to add 20 mm to your sit bone measurement when selecting a saddle. If your sit bones measure 135mm, go with a 155mm saddle.

More of a Guideline Than A Rule

Knowing your sit bone measurement will put you leaps and bounds ahead of riding whatever saddle comes on your bike, but it’s no replacement for a bike fit or your own personal preference. Once you know your sit bone measurement, find a saddle that matches your riding style and go from there! If you’re in need of any help selecting a saddle, give us a call at Peak Cycles to talk shop, (303) 216-1616.


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