It’s Not Just a Bike – It’s Happiness!

Cycling makes us happy.  Anyone who rides knows that. We experience it when we finish a hard training ride or race.  We feel the freedom and sense of adventure it brings while riding around town on a bike path or exploring a mountain bike trail. But cycling has positive psychology to it. According to the post, Why cycling makes us happy: the positive psychology of being on the bike, “Cycling seems to possess an array of attributes that boost happiness in ways that few other sports can claim.”

No doubt, bike riding provides the space and time apart from the pulls and tugs of work, stress, and technology. The ride itself provides both a time in which to pay attention to gratitude and the many things for which to feel thankful. Fortunately, there are hidden blessings in feeling gratitude. According to the post, Thank You. No, Thank you, “adults who frequently feel grateful have more energy, more optimism, more social connections, and more happiness than those who do not.”   As we manage the challenges presented to us from the coronavirus, gratitude and happiness are two essential emotions that we might not be feeling a lot of but can shift our mindsets and immune systems into healthier and more balanced perspectives. And the result? Feeling more peace in an uncertain world.

How do you focus on gratitude and happiness with your bike?  Easy – ride it! Whether you prefer riding a road bike, a mountain bike, or an e-bike, the idea here is to just ride your bike!  Given social distancing orders, local road riders might find happiness exploring a new route to ride. Check out some of our favorite road rides mentioned here.  For those interested in riding some dirt, explore Front Range trails listed in our post, Best Front Range Trails for Riding this Memorial Day Weekend.  Get Mom’s on bikes and don’t forget the kiddos too.  Get your family together and make a family bike ride a regular thing.

Even if you are experiencing stress from the tensions and challenges of our current circumstances, with each pedal stroke, you are releasing endorphins in the brain and helping your muscles to relax and relieve tension in the body. Since the body and mind are so closely linked, when your body feels better so, too, will your mind. We all want and need peace of mind right now. Get out and ride your bike!

And, as a gentle reminder, all of us at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop are still here for you. We’re open if you need to come into the shop and we welcome your support of our small, local business.  You can visit us in Golden, Colorado for bike repairs, bike parts, and cycling accessories. However, due to COVID-19, we are not allowing any customers into the shop at this time. We have a table and bike stands in front of the shop so we can bring products and/or bikes to you outside for purchase. If you prefer to shop from home, you can visit us online at and you can pick up your new bike and bike parts with curbside pickup or come to the front door and we will grab your order for you.

Be well. Be Safe. Be Happy. 

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