’s Guide to Colorado Fall Cycling

As the seasons change, the Colorado mountain colors explode into a vibrant mix of autumn hues.  What better way to enjoy the brisk temperatures and vibrant colors of the leaves turning than from the view of mountain bike or road bike? The added bonus is maintaining fitness through the fall and even building it well into the winter months.

In our recent post, Cross Racing in Colorado 2013  we suggest cyclocross as a means for staying active yet enjoying the fall cycling season.  In fact, across the Front Range and the entire state of Colorado, there are a variety of cyclocross races to test your fitness and take your cycling to another level.  You might be wondering what bike parts you might need for this particular style of racing.  Due to the nature of these events, you can show up on practically any bike (cyclocross, mountain bike, hybrid, road bike).  Yet, because of the variety of terrain, obstacles, weather conditions and short course and race duration, you can expect to replace cycling accessories and bike parts on a more frequent basis.

Another option for enjoying the fall leaves and gaining fitness is bike commuting.  While it is not as strenuous as cyclocross racing, it is a chance to enjoy cooler temperatures, view the changing colors of the leaves, and reinvigorate your spirits with the freedom riding a bike inspires.  Because of the recent flooding in Colorado, there’s a few things to keep in mind for your commute:
A good route.  Make sure your route is open! Learn how to pick a route you like. Google maps for cycling is a good option.

  • Lights. Days are getting shorter.  Have a set of small, modern LED lights on hand in case you get stuck at the office.
  • A good helmet.  Just because bike commuting isn’t as strenuous doesn’t mean you don’t need to be safe.  Wear a bike helmet.
  • A repair kit.  It’s good to carry a small multi-tool, a patch kit, a small pump, and a spare tube for those inevitable roadside repairs.
  • A lock. Invest in a quality lock and use it wisely.
  • A way to carry things. This could be as simple as a messenger bag or as elaborate as a set of touring panniers.

Whether you are enjoying the vibrant mix of autumn hues from a scenic country road, a bike path, or a cyclocross race course, fall bike rides in Colorado are the best way to get up close and personal with the season’s colors  while filling up their lungs with crisp Colorado air.

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