Dress For Success: Winter Guide to Colorado CycloCross Racing

dress for successFor many competitive cyclist, the summer racing season has come to an end.  While many transition towards casual, recreational riding to finish out the season, others opt for the fast, heart throbbing racing that cyclocross season offers.

True to form in Colorado, the autumn days are upon us and soon to be replaced with colder temperatures and less favorable riding conditions.  Namely, wet, cold, and mud.  Perfectly tuned conditions to what racers love about cyclocross racing.

But, how can racing in the cold, wet, and mud be fun?  The trick is dressing for success.  Here’s how.

Leading up to your race, it’s important to stay dry.  Yet, during your race, keeping your hands and feet warm are critical.  At BikeParts.com, we offer a fully array of cold weather gloves and booties and shoe covers to keep your hands and feet warm.   If you tend to have cold feet, opting for warmer socks  may help too.

While hard core racers opt to keep their clothing to a minimum, others opt for a few extra comforts including knee warmersarm warmers, and hats.

Once you have finished your race, it’s important to get undressed and get warm.  You may consider bringing a few trash bags to stow your cycling kit, cycling shoes, helmet, gloves, socks, and anything else that is soaked and muddy. Also, it’s also a good idea to have on hand your favorite post race nutritional product.

Cyclocross racing in the colder temps of Colorado can keep your fitness sharp and be a ton of fun.  The trick is dressing for success!

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