Boost Your Cycling Performance with Fall Riding – And Why it Matters!

Fall Cycling at

While we welcome cooler temps and colorful foliage that fall cycling offers, the shorter days and fatigue of the cycling season can beckon cyclist to cut their rides short – or skip them all together.  Perhaps missing a day or two of riding doesn’t seem like much but it does.  According to the post, What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Riding, within a relatively short period of time, undesirable consequences result.  As in, your metabolism stagnates. Your blood pressure rises. Your blood sugar surges. Fitness declines.  And, inevitable wait gain surfaces.  Not fun!

Fall is actually the best time to transition from peak cycling form to a relaxed one.  Doing so doesn’t include missing rides.  It means shifting your mindset to embrace fall cycling while actually boosting your cycling performance for next year.  

The article, Fix Your Flaws in Fall, suggests “if you’re looking to take a big step forward in your racing performance for next season, you can’t wait until next season to start the process.”  With that being said, what are the best ways to boost your fall training regimen?  

As we’ve share in recent post,  Cyclocross is a wonderful way for road cyclists and mountain bikers to extend their competitive seasons and get a head-start on training for next season. The intensity of cyclocross racing provides a training stimulus that’s very difficult to replicate with standard interval training during the fall and winter, especially as the temperatures fall and athletes turn primarily to indoor cycling.  The post,  The Top 5 Fitness Benefits of Racing Cyclocross, reinforces this stating, cyclocross racing increases power at V02 Max, reduces off season weight gain, and toughens you up!  

If you don’t want to toughen up, then opt for an easier approach.  Add bike commuting to your fall regimen.   While it is not as strenuous as cyclocross racing, it is a chance to enjoy cooler temperatures, view the changing colors of the leaves, and reinvigorate your spirits with the freedom riding a bike inspires.  This is most helpful if you are mentally burned out from the season and need to rejuvenate your cycling spirit for the next season.  To truly enjoy fall bike commuting, at Peak Cycles Bicycle shop, we recommend getting a tune-up.  Who knows what your bike has experienced during the season and to make bike commuting truly enjoyable – your bike needs to be reliable.  We recommend having a set of reliable lights and wearing the right bike clothing. Frequently we’re asked what are the essential cycling apparel to have on hand for fall bike commuting.  Here’s a great list of bike parts and cycling apparel to have on available.   Remember, bike commuting is different than training; as such, your needs may vary regarding nutritional requirements, bike parts that are needed, as well as, clothing options.  

The Fall season is a great time for experimentation.  Ride new routes! Explore different trials before Winter weather arrives!  The Fall season can be a great opportunity to get test out new bike parts.  During the racing and cycling season, the focus is on riding; whereas during the Fall, there’s more time for mental wanderings and fun! Check out our daily closeouts and overstock items to spark renewed interest in your cycling program.  

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