Canadian Hospitality

During the BC Bike Race, Tate and I randomly ate breakfast with a couple of Canuks.  Little did we know that we would end up becoming good friends with these 3 guys.  Dave, Pat and Garth have been friends a long time, two of them are doctors and have been doing all different kinds of racing for many years.  

Garth kissing Dave

Garth kissing Dave

Dave and Garth raced the Trans Rockies the previous year.  Last year they brought Pat along as the team driver, cook, comedian mechanic, mom and all around ‘bitch’.   😉  It worked out so well, that they brought Pat along for the BCBR.

Pat working hard

Pat working hard

As we got to know these guys, it was quickly clear that they had a sense of humor that closely related ours.  If any of you have stayed in a condo with Tyler and Matt and Colin know what I am talking about.  We talked a lot about bikes, racing and the Canadian contributions to pop culture such as Mike Myers and Pam Anderson.  It was cool to head north and do such a cool race and make some new friends along the way!  Here is a video clip from Youtube about their training plan for the BCBR and marketing the “Tim Hortons Recovery Doughnut”, eh!

2 Responses to Canadian Hospitality

  1. Colin says:

    Too bad we aren’t all staying together at Crankworx this year. Total anarchy! 🙂

  2. swiftjesse says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… I am getting a free place to stay and food for 5 days. I know a self sufficient guy like Colin M wouldn’t understand! 😉

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