Urban Assault Ride – Denver

Ben rocking the big wheel!  

Ben rocking the big wheel!

Have you ever done a race where you had to ride a bmx bike, while your partner stood on the back pegs and used a long pole to joust and knock over cones, then race 4 miles through Denver to the next checkpoint where there is another fun activity waiting for you and your partner to complete?  If so, you must have done the Urban Assault Ride!  This was the 3rd year the UAR has stopped in Denver.  I was there 3 years ago and had a great time.  Since then I have race a UAR in Fort Collins, and twice in Boulder.  This year I talked my BC Race bike partner, Tate, into trying a different type of team race.  We dusted off the road bikes, figured out the 2 mystery checkpoints and planned out route.  

Tate - the low rider!

Tate - the low rider!

During the race, we had a great time kayaking the lake in City Park, riding big wheels, doing water slides, raced around Wash Park looking for a ‘bike fairy’ and throwing new papers like the kid from ‘Better Off Dead’!  At the last checkpoint, we were leaving and another team asked, “Are you guys heading home?”  It was ON!  We raced by Sloans Lake and into the Invesco Stadium area and made it to the finish only 30secs before the other team.  In the end, it took us 1hour, 40mins to race around Denver.  It was a close race and filled with lots of fun times!  Thanks to Tate for doing such a crazy race with me!  – Jesse Swift


Jesse having fun on the big wheel - from Josh Kravetz

Jesse having fun on the big wheel - from Josh Kravetz

Tate and Jesse

Tate and Jesse

3 Responses to Urban Assault Ride – Denver

  1. Colin says:

    The most important win of the season! Congrats on finally getting the win! You guys are psyched! WOOT WOOT!

  2. Colin says:

    important race is what I meant

  3. […] today Charlie, Brendan, Shane and Micah!  Wish I was out there with you!  Here are some picts of Tate Graves and I from last years race. […]

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