Golden Cruise

A couple months ago I was sitting on the couch one evening and heard some bells and a couple seconds later I saw a bunch of cruisers ride by.  It looked like a classic good time, so I made it a point to join this months Golden Cruise! I got John Polli to meet me down at Woody’s around 7:00pm.  When we got there, there was about 100+ other people on their bikes for the ride too.   We rode all around town for about 45minutes.  There were all different kinds of people and bike: kids, college kids, older adults, your regular biker/drinker crew, cruisers, road bikes, mtn bikes and even some skaters joined the parade.  It was a beautiful evening to be out on a bike!  The next Golden Cruise is August 26th, so fill up your balloon tires and meet us in Golden!  – Jesse

One Response to Golden Cruise

  1. Colin says:

    What is Jessica riding? I haven’t seen it before and I like it! The new belgium cruiser is dope!

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