CU ST Series


CU ST Series

CU ST Series

So the Boulder short track races started a few weeks ago.  I learned that patience is a virtue in bike racing.  On Saturday, at the Teva games, I got too excited and went out hard at the start with everyone else.  I also had the anchor come out about 10 minutes into the race after blowing up as did most everyone else who went out too hard.  Last night, even though it is short track racing and only half an hour, I decided to make myself be patient at the start.  I started easy and fell into position at the beginning of the race.  Watching my clock, after a few minutes of settling in, I slowly turned it up and began passing people.  It turned out to be a really good race and I finished 7th! Here are the results for the Men’s A:

Tim was out there representin’ as well. I know the shop ride is on Wed nights, but maybe one of these weeks, you guys should head up to Boulder for one of these.  They usually lay out a pretty good course with some good turns and the occasional jump. -Jon Watt

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