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Jon Watt - Snowmass

Jon Watt – Snowmass

Snowmass was a good weekend!  I got 3rd in the 4X and 2nd in the Super-D!  The 4X final was pretty intense.  Ross was in gate 1, I was in gate 2, Peter was in gate 3, and Erik Nelson was in gate 4.  I got a pretty good start and tried to shut the inside door on Ross early because I knew he was going to push everyone out in the first corner.  But Ross is a big guy and it’s tough to shut the door from the outside.  I ended up getting pinched out between him and Peter, then I had to protect my line from Erik.  I was really happy with this considering I have been training only for xc.


Here are the results:
Attached are some pics of the 4X and podium.  A friend got a pic of the Super-D podium, but I haven’t gotten it yet.
Jon Watt - 4X Podium

Jon Watt - 4X Podium


Jon Watt - Racin' 4X

Jon Watt - Racin' 4X

After racing Nathrop and Snowmass, somehow I am ranked 10th in the nation in the gravity series:
Next race, Crankworx!!!! – Jon Watt

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