FireCracker 50

Firecracker 50 Parade

Firecracker 50 Parade

My class started really fast – about the same pace as if it was a 2 hour xc race.  I was surprised, but let them go and tried to pace myself.  I was feeling pretty good the whole first lap.  With about 2 miles to go in the first lap, I flatted on a sharp, rocky descent.  I pulled off, switched out my tube, and went to inflate it with my big-air canister.  As I screwed the air canister on the valve, all the air shot out the side of the valve and none of it went into the tube!  I didn’t have a pump with me either.  So I put my wheel back on and rode /  jogged the last 2 miles of the lap.  Along the way, I found a guy with a pump, but when I went to pump it up, I found that the valve in my tube had broken off from riding it flat. 

I made it back to the start/finish area and asked around for a tube and pump, but nobody had one.  We had parked a few miles away so it was too far to get back to the van.  At this point, I was starting to think that I was done, and ready to give in to my first DNF.  I waited about 20 minutes, then saw the Fox trailer in the pit section.  I know those guys, so I went and asked them and they hooked me up.  With my flat I did the first lap in about 2:15 – I think it would have been around 2:05 without after looking at my gps.  With my tire fixed, I went out for my second lap.  I knew I was going to have a bad result, but figured I paid for the full 50, so I was going to do it.  My second lap took 2:24 (even though it felt like I was going a lot harder than the first lap) Tough race, but fun trails and good singletrack.  And the parade start was really cool.

– Jon Watt

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