Wine Country

So, after the Deer Valley National, I kept heading west on a little road trip. Along the way, I headed up into the vineyards of Sonoma Country in Norcal and hit a race up at Lake Sonoma put on by The fast group had a good amount of guys and I didnt know what to expect. Img_6437
The course was fast, twisty,hot and rolling. You would be climbing for just a minute and then start a tight descent for a couple more. After a lap, I did my best to get the hang of it and in the end finished 2nd. At the finsih line there were spectators with water guns cooling off the competitors. The first place guy said he had done the trails for 12 years, so he had it dialed! Afterwards they had a mellow awards ceremony and BBQ. After going to “blownout” NORBA National it was refreshing to do a low key race with some cool guys to remind you why you ride/race again! – 6.23.07 – jesse

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