The Flume and Fire

I had heard of the Flume trail out near Lake Tahoe and was excited because my road trip was taking me that way. However, after hanging out at Pope Beach in South Lake Tahoe for the day. I was reading on the beach (becuase that water is damn cold to jump in) for a while suddenly felt the sun go away. Either it was some big muslce guy about ready to kick sand in my eye and take mygirl, or it was 8:30pm. My watch said 3:00pm. Confused I looked up in the sky and the Lake Tahoe fire was burning furiously real close.


The officals were evacuating town, so we packed up and got out of there. We ended up camping near North Beach for the next couple days instead. I ended up getting to ride the Flume trail the next day. I was really fun and although I was bummed the killer views of the lake were smoked out, I thought about all the families who lost thier homes in the fire. I hope they put that fire out soon…. – 6.25.07 – jesseP6250035

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