Winter Park – Mountain Circuit by Colin McKernan

I took control of the race from the start since my legs felt a lot better than at the hill climb. I thank the masseuse for that! I pinned it pretty hard on the first of three laps to see who could follow. Fellow GoFast/ teammate Brian Chimeliski was keeping close enough that I could see him and Carlos was hot on his tail. I knew if I could make it to the downhill with a lead that I could stretch it out a little more. After that came the first of two climbs up Lower Cherokee which is like a wall on a singlespeed. I looked back at the top of that climb and saw that someone else was in second and dangerously close. I pinned it again and made it the downhill clean. At the bottom of the downhill when we hit the flat road at the base of the resort, Tate came flying past me in the lead of the 30-34 Experts! I told him it was his race and he was off! About four more experts came flying past me chasing Tate, so there was a battle for that top position. Going up Lower Cherokee was a grunt but a reeled a few of those experts back. Tate was fading but not too fast so the battle was still on. Soon after I passed him another expert came by at a speed that seemed like he was on his first lap. whoa. I pinned it again on the downhill, which reminded me that the Crankworks Super-D is coming soon and that I was happy I put a suspension fork back on the SS. Took the flat road back to the finish line for a SS salute. Feels really good to take the victory. Tate ended up in third in easily the biggest expert class of the race. – Colin McKernan

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