The Good Old Days…

The last stop on my road trip was Ashland OR. On the way there i drove through the dozens of stoplights and by the gigantic Walmart in Medford and started to get a little worried. But that was all in vain as I turned off the highway and rolled into Ashland. Its a cool small town quickly reminding me of Golden, Colorado. I was there to meet up with a friend from college. We use to ride a ton down in Durango at Ft. Lewis College back in ’94 – ’97. I haven’t seen him in a few years and was looking to riding with him again and hang out like the good old days. We ended up doing close to 50 miles in the 2 days I was there. The trails near Ashland are out of control with tons of tree jumps, doubles, gap jumps, steep descents, and rock rides. We did rides like Time Warp, Sketchy #1 and Sketchy #2, Needlepoint and lots of other ones with crazy names. The crew in town have those trails down solid!! One shuttle run we did, there were 9 people and 8 bikes in a truck! I think Ashland and its trails are a little northwest secret but have heard of Mark Weir and the WTB guys going there for the local Super D. All in all, it was one of the best stops on the trip and I am glad I got to see my old friend and ride with him again. While we are both growing old, got girls and into our jobs. But days like that make me feel like I was 21 and careless again! 😉 – 7.1.07 – jesse Img_3214

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