On Bike Nutrition: It’s Different for Girls 

March 26, 2015
Osmo Nutrition for Women Cyclist at BikeParts.com

Osmo Nutrition for Women Cyclist at BikeParts.com

Over recent years, the number of women taking up cycling has dramatically increased and brands have recognized the need for women specific bicycle geometry by responding with female specific bikes that work with a woman’s body to provide the optimum platform for speed, and/or comfort depending upon the riders’ needs. But what about bike nutrition for women.  Is that different too?  

As a female cyclist, have you wondered about your on-bike nutritional needs? Are you getting the right stuff for you? Does it even matter?  It’s a rhetorical question because we all know that nutrition matters.  Our post, Solving the Bike Nutrition Mystery walks you through off-bike nutritional needs.  However, consuming the right amount of calories combined with the appropriate nutritional mix for your body while training is critical for performance.

Until recently, most of the data regarding nutrition and training was collected about men. That’s great for the guys, but women have a distinct physiology with its own set of needs. In other words, what’s good for a man isn’t necessarily good for a woman. One difference is that women’s menstrual cycle can heavily influence athletic performance and fluctuate hormone levels.  Detailed information on women’s cycles and how that pertains to training, performance and fueling for the female athlete can be found in the post Women Are Not Small Men: Factors to Consider For Performance and Nutrition for the Female Cyclist

With all that being said, what are the best on-bike nutrition options available?  Following are our favorites at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop:

Osmo nutrition – This product is specific to women offering three options:

  • active hydration
  • acute recovery
  • preload hydration

What we like about this product is that it is nutrition “based on peer-reviewed science. The science is simple. Hydration, which refers to the maintenance of water in your blood, is critical to maximizing power, endurance and reducing fatigue. When you’re thirsty, you’ve already lost two percent of your body water—and 11 percent of your power.”  Stop by the shop in Golden, Colorado to learn more.

Another option is Skratch Labs.  Again there are several options to sleet including:

  • All day – daily electrolyte mix
  • Single workout – exercise hydration mix
  • Hyper nutrition – hyper hydration mix
  • Rescue hydration – for dehydration

Finally, an all time favorite!  Honey Stinger products – tasty edibles on the ride.  

  • waffles
  • gels
  • energy bars
  • organic chews

The bottom line? The post, Male Versus Female Athletes, Part 1: Nutrition,  points out that the off bike needs of men and women are surprisingly similar and it boils down to a solid nutrition plan that includes real whole foods.  However, on bike / training nutritional needs may be quite different.  Visit us online at BikeParts.com for your nutrition needs or stop by Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop in Golden, Colorado to learn more.