GoingTubeless? How to use Stans NoTubes by BikeParts.com

February 28, 2013

To go tubeless or not tubeless that is the question.  Or is it?  For anyone who wants higher performance and less flats but doesn’t mind a little extra installation time and maintenance, going tubeless is the best choice.  The trick is having the right set up and knowing which bike parts   or products to use.

Demonstrated in our recent instruction video,  How to use Stans NoTubes by BikeParts.com are step by step instructions to help you go tubeless.

From a performance standpoint, going tubeless is hard to beat.  It decreases rolling mass and a tubeless setup will allow you to run a lower tire pressure for better traction without risking pinch flats.  A properly installed tubeless tire system is capable of handling any condition and riding style.  Aside from our instructional video, following are the bike accessories you’ll need to get started.

See you on the trails!