Top 5 Road Bike Helmets | Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings

Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings has been testing the safety of helmets since 2011 and has become the leading source of bicycle helmet impact testing. All helmets must pass minimum safety requirements, but not all are created equal which is where Virginia Tech comes in. According to their website, “the helmet ratings are the culmination of over 15 years of research on head impacts in sports and identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk. This work is done as part of Virginia Tech’s service mission and is 100% independent of any funding or influence from helmet manufacturers.” They developed this system to educate consumers about the best helmets available based on their ability to reduce the risk of concussions.

#5 – Lazer Century MIPS

The Century helmet is the result of 100 years of expertise. By integrating all knowledge and user requirements into one concept, the Century offers a new benchmark that requires no priorities for protection, comfort, aerodynamics, or visibility. The Century offers it all! Awarded a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating.

#4 – Lazer Tonic MIPS

Awarded a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating, the Tonic helmet from Lazer offers protection, style, and comfort for riders who are just getting into cycling.

#3 – Lazer G1 MIPS

So light you’ll forget you’re wearing it. So well ventilated your head will stay cool on the toughest of climbs. So versatile it can transform into an aero helmet in one easy step. Awarded a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™, this is the Lazer G1 MIPS.

#2 – Giant Rev Comp MIPS

Awarded a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™ and a top spot in the road category, the Rev Comp Mips is the perfect all-rounder, offering top-tier protection, comfort, and ventilation at a refreshingly competitive price.

#1 – Specialized S-Works Prevail 3 MIPS

The S-Works Prevail 3 received a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™ and is perfect for riders who value the comfort and thermoregulation benefits that superior ventilation delivers. It is the ultimate all-around helmet that excels in hot conditions, strenuous climbs, and mountainous stages.


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