Bicycle Themed Halloween Costumes

There are so many options for cycling Halloween costumes it can be hard to choose! Whether it’s dressing up as your favorite pro cyclist, a character from the movie, or doing a fun group costume like a Tour de France peloton. Incorporating cycling into your Halloween costume can also be a fun way to ride your bike on Halloween! While everyone else is walking from house to house trick or treating, think of how much MORE candy you can get on a bike! Here are some of our favorite cycling costume ideas.

Elliot from ET

This classic Steven Spielberg movie character can be pulled off with minimal supplies (or Amazon sells a premade kit if you aren’t feeling creative). Here’s what you’ll need. A basket, a red sweatshirt, a stuffed animal or ET doll, a white blanket, and a red light. Strap a basket on the handlebars of your bike. Grab your ET doll or stuffed animal and wrap it in a blanket leaving only the face exposed. If you have a stuffed animal, print off a picture of ET’s face and tape it onto the stuffed animal. Grab your red light and stick it in the blanket near the chest to make it glow! Throw on a red sweatshirt and you’re good to go!

Pro Cyclist

Do you have a favorite pro cyclist? Dressing up as one is pretty straightforward. You can order their team jersey or wear their usual outfit, then throw on a helmet and call it a day! You can obviously make this as elaborate as you want. Maybe even go as far as re-creating the Danny McCaskill “Danny Daycare” video, minus the flips. You could also make this a spooky costume by adding in some fake blood or Hollywood makeup. Get creative with it and have some fun!

Tour De France

You might be able to pull this off cheaply as online stores like eBay have tons of great old cycling jerseys. You could go modern-day Tour de France and don some speedy glasses and super tight Lycra or take it vintage and wear cycling caps and loose unzipped jerseys. For a fun group costume, you could re-create a Tour de France peloton. This could work as a family costume or with friends.


Halloween is a great time to dress as a cyclist. We hope you found these tips helpful. Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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