Bike Tools To Bring To The Trailhead

Before you load up the car and head over to the trailhead, here is our list of tools we won’t leave the house without!

Floor Pump

This is an absolute must for the trailhead. There is nothing worse than having to pump up your tires with a hand pump which is both tedious and tiring. You might be asking, why not just pump up your tires at home? Well, you might be prepared but your friends might not be. It’s good to have a floor pump to get your pressures dialed before you head out for a ride. Throw it in the car so you have it on hand. You might be able to help out someone in the parking lot and earn some karma points, too.

Chain Lube and Rag

We advocate for lubing up your chain at the end of each ride. This helps any extra lube dry off, which keeps dirt and grime from building up. It is worth keeping a bottle on hand for your friend that has a squeaky drivetrain and questionable shifting. The rag can wipe off any last-minute crud before you hit the trails.

Hex Wrenches

Sure you have a multi-tool on you, but it’s probably buried in your backpack or neatly stowed on your bike with a strap. Having some hex wrenches on hand will make your life easier. We like the 3-way hexes from Park Tool.


While not exactly a tool, this is a “nice to have” for relaxing, socializing, taking off your shoes, and enjoying a post-ride libation.

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