Best Budget Bike Rack | Kuat V2 Transfer

Here at Peak Cycles/, we love the new Kuat V2 Transfer bike rack. Why? This wallet-friendly rack has many of the features found on high-end bike racks including:

  • Tray style bike mounts
  • Semi-integrated cable lock
  • Flatlock hitch cam for stability
  • Tamperproof screws for added security
  • Ability to add on an additional bike
  • Foot lever for ease of use

The Kuat V2 Transfer comes in a 2 bike and 3 bike version, both of which can add on an extra should the time and place come. Considering that most 4 bike tray racks cost well over $1000, the Kuat V2 transfer is a bargain at just over $700 for the 4 bike configuration.

The V2 Transfer has many upgrades from its predecessor, most notably the Flatlock hitch cam for stability. This lets you tighten down the rack so there is zero wiggle. When you have thousands of dollars of bikes hanging off the back of your car, having all of the peace of mind is a big bonus. Kuat added in a tamperproof screw with the Flatlock hitch cam, which should help thwart any opportunistic thieves out there.

The semi-integrated bike lock was another feature they added to the V2. Your new rack will come with a long cable lock that can fit around 4 bikes (frame and wheels). The built-in lock makes the whole process of securing bikes lightning fast. No more carrying around a separate cable and padlock!

Having the option to add on extra bikes to your rack used to only be an option with high-end racks and they would cost you an arm and leg. That’s not the case anymore! The Transfer V2 can add on an extra bike for an extra $159. While there certainly are cheaper racks out there, it is worth spending more to get a platform/tray style rack. They are more stable, easier to load, and will help protect your bikes from damage during transport.

We hope you will consider the Transfer V2 for your next bike rack. You will be smiling on the way to ride knowing that your bikes are safe and secure on the back of your vehicle.

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