Virginia Canyon Mountain Park – Idaho Springs

This just in from COMBA, construction has begun on Phase 1 of the Virginia Canyon Mountain Park in Idaho Springs. With an expected opening in Spring 2022, Phase 1 will establish the main multi-use trail and a hiking spur to one of the Peak Overlooks at 8,400′ feet. This multi-use trail will be for ascending only, while the next two phases will bring the top-to-bottom mountain bike descents. Nearly 4-miles of trails will be built during this Phase, creating access from the Argo Mine and allowing riders to connect directly to the Clear Creek Greenway Trail.

The Virginia Canyon Mountain Park encompasses 400 acres and is located just north of Idaho Springs, above the iconic Argo Mine and Mill which can be seen from I-70. The terrain is steep and rugged, providing a great landscape for this new trail network. COMBA has approximately 12 miles of trail planned, with a combination of multi-use, hiker-only, and bike-only directional options. Most of the trails will be rated blue and black, with some double-black technical trail features on the more advanced lines.

The fundraising process is ongoing for phases two and three. Funds raised by the community will help not only with construction but also assist the City of Idaho Springs in acquiring matching grants.  You can learn more about this project, here. Looking for some mountain bike trails locally in Golden? Check out this article here.


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