The Joys Of Cycling

Whether it’s road, singletrack, or gravel country road: there is something about the feeling of riding a bike that is liberating. There are many reasons and influences that draw us into cycling, but this feeling is what keeps us coming back. It can be the antidote for challenging life situations, like kids screaming at home or a micro manager boss that keeps breathing down your neck. Cycling can be a blank canvas, with every ride being a new adventure to create and explore. Other times it can be comforting to go back to what we know, riding the same trail over and over, like watching a child hood movie for nostalgia.

Cycling can be something to enjoy on your own and a time to go inward and reflect. For introverts, this can be one of the few times in our busy world to recharge the battery. Cycling forces us to focus on what’s in front of us and be in the moment. Phone calls and text messages can wait, and Strava times probably don’t matter much either.

It can also be a time for connection with friends and family. Bring people together outdoors and sharing the adventure is something that stays in the memory, rather than being a fleeting cheap thrill. Cycling bring us to different destinations, to explore new places and different environments that would be hard to see if not for bikes. It can be hard to meet new people and make friends, but cycling creates a common thread to bring strangers together into a community.

There are many reasons we got into cycling, but the same common thread is what keeps us riding. It doesn’t matter the form, skill level, or intent, it’s the spirit and joy that matters the most. Here is to cycling!

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